HMV Digital

Free Track of the Week at HMV Digital

I was really happy to hear about this ‘HMV Digital free track of the week’ because I’m a huge music fan and I love to hear new albums and bands. Every week, HMV is giving away one free track from HMV Digital. It’s their online store section, where you can download music online, similar to iTunes.

When I checked last you could get a song from the album ‘Alone’ by Indicah called ‘Alone’. I listened to it and it’s not really the kind of music I like, but maybe you will like it. Give it a shot!

Get HMV free track of the week

Earlier this week, I was discussing with the team what they think is going to be the song of the summer of 2012. My bet was ‘We are Young’ by the band FUN that you have probably heard a few times on the radio. What is your bet? What do you think is going to be the song of the summer?