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H&M Printable Coupon; Save 25% on One Item (Virgin Mobile Members Only)

I’m currently very jealous of Virgin Mobile members. Why you ask? Well they always seem to get wicked deals on stuff and this is another prime example. Until July 31st, print out this coupon to save 25% on one item from any H&M store. The bonus? While there is a limit to one coupon per purchase, there is no limit as to how many you can ask for and print. Each time you make a request for a new one, it generates a new bar code so it’s never duplicated. So simply buy stuff individually.

To redeem this printable coupon, simply enter your first and last name and phone number and you’ll get the option to print out your coupon. Choose which item you’d like in store, present your coupon, and repeat the next day if desired for more items.


20% Off H&M Kids Clothing

H&M KidsH&M rarely releases printable coupons but we can understand because they already sell their clothes so cheap that it’s probably hard to give extra discounts. So whenever we find one, you can be sure that we’ll talk about it. The below coupon will get you 20% off any purchase of H&M kids clothing. This is right on time for back to school shopping as I’m sure a lot of you have already started it or are going to shortly. Coupon need to be redeemed before the 14th of August.

Print H&M kid’s clothing coupon

It’s hard to imagine our lives today without H&M stores in Canada but it wasn’t so long ago that the H&M brand first arrived in Canada. And today it’s now certainly one of the most popular stores for teenagers but also for young adults. I personally love H&M’s style but I try not to buy too many things at their stores, because so many people shop there and I don’t want to be wearing the same dress as one of my colleagues. I also love their collections for kids. It is stylish, cute and affordable. If you like dressing your kids with the latest trends but you don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes that don’t last for a long period of time anyway, then H&M is a good option.

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