Harry Potter ebooks

Harry Potter eBooks Versions Coming Shortly?

Harry PotterFor all the Harry Potter fans out there, I found a good news for you. Accordingly to J.K Rowling’s press agent, it looks like the author is now actively considering releasing Harry Potter books in ebook version. I think that would be awesome to have all of the 7 books on a single device as the paper versions are absolutely massive and heavy. We’re going to keep you posted with this if it ever happens as I’m sure that a lot of our fellow Canadians would appreciate it, me first. If ever you’re looking for new ebooks right now, you might want to check the Kobo books online store that always has the latest ebooks released at affordable prices.

The latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, is going to be available on DVDs and Blu-Rays on April 15th. I just can’t wait as I still haven’t seen it. If you’re interested in pre-ordering it just like I did, here are a few websites where I found it for a reasonable price.