Free Graffiti Remover

graffiti removerWhile the website looks as sketchy as hell it does no harm to try and claim this freebie, I found it in my google alerts this morning, so I haven’t ordered it yet, well I don’t think I need to as the freebie is for a free sample of their graffiti remover.

Actually the other day I saw a stupid guy painting over graffiti on what looked like a lovely brick wall, I have no idea why he did this (thus I called him stupid). Especially when there are free samples of graffiti remover out there.

So if you have some graffiti on your property, try this stuff and see if it works.

Click here to get your free sample of Graffiti remover

Note: They do ask you to make a comment or to contact them and let them know if the product works, I think you should do it as it’s free, it’s the honest thing to do.