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Gildan Free T-Shirt

gildanHere’s a totally free t-shirt from the people at Gildan. All you have to do is to fill in a quick survey. The questions are really simple and it won’t take you much time.

Click here to get your Free Gildan T-Shirt

I guess they’re trying to get to know their customers a little better or simply trying to give away stuff. Anyway, we won’t complain will we? So, as I said earlier you just need to answer about 6 quick & cheeky questions and then put in your personal information. After that you should receive your brand new t-shirt by the mail. Yes, it’s that easy.

Also, just to make sure you actually complete the survey. Don’t get stopped by the fact the questions and answers imply that you already have a Gildan t-shirt and that you cherish it. If you don’t actually do, I don’t think it really matters.