6 Tips to Save Money on Video Games

We have to wonder if the creators behind Sonic and Mario knew what they were starting, since both industries are fast approaching $70 billion in annual sales. It’s big business for sure, with the newest and hottest games routinely posting better opening weekend sales than most movies. Playing video games can be an expensive hobby, but there are many ways to indulge without breaking the bank.
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Halo 4: Cheaper? ~ The Research is in

Halo 4 Banner

A few days ago, 343 Industries released yet another much anticipated game called Halo 4 for the Xbox 360 console. But with new and exciting games being released every couple of weeks, it may be hard for you budget-conscientious avid gamers to indulge in your hobby. The fact of the manner is that the regular price of $59.99 is a bit much for some budgets. So I went out to help our fellow gamers to find the cheapest place to buy Halo 4 in Canada, this is what I found:

Free Shipping

  • Ebay: You can snag a brand new copy staring at $51.05
  • Best Buy (applies to orders of $20+)
  • Future Shop (applies to order of $20$+)
  • Toys R US (only if you buy 2 games at the same time)


Halo 2 + Xbox Console

Best Buy and FutureShop are offering a bundle consisting of the Halo2 game, the Xbox console, 2 remotes, and a headset. If you don’t already have an Xbox console, this could be a pretty sweet deal for you considering the design rocks!

Renting Games

  • GameAccess allows you to rent an unlimited number of games for only $9.95/month. They even ship for free! The only drawback with this is that they don’t offer Halo2 yet. If you’re prepared to wait for them to offer it, this could be a great and cheap option! There might be some offers for Game Access here.
  • With GameFly, a monthly membership of $22.95 (+tax) will allow you to rent 2 games simultaneously with unlimited play and no additional fees (no due dates, no late fees). We quite often get GameFly discounts, you might be in luck. Alternatively, for a $15.95 monthly fee, you can rent 1 game at a time with all of the same features. If, however, you decide to buy the game after you have rented it, it will cost you $49.99. While this may sound cheaper, it actually isn’t because the game’s reduced cost combined with the monthly membership ($49.99 + $22.95 = $72.94) comes up to being more expensive than buying a brand new game at full value.

As a side note…

Star Trek comic bookBe sure to check out the web series that was released a month prior to Halo 4’s launch. Entitled “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”, it focused on Machinima Prime and Halo Waypoint.

Let us know if you have ever played Halo or if you plan on buying the latest one! And especially if you can find somewhere to buy it cheaper?