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Groovy Man; Save more at the Gamestop’s GameStock

Have you heard about the radical Gamestock sale going on at Gamespot? They have been having this groovy sale going on throughout the month of July and they have peaked my interest with the new deals they have going on. Plus, you get the chance to win a bundle of neat prizes by either buying or trading a game online or in-store. To find out more about Gamestock, click here to check their far out website. Can you dig it man?

Some of the deals that are bangin’ this week:

If you haven’t picked up Skyrim yet, I’d highly suggest you do. I recently got my hands on it (yes, I know I’m late!) and I’ve been getting a bit too immersed into it. I also played through Final Fantasy XIII and, granted it doesn’t have the same appeal as Final Fantasy 8 did, it was an enjoyable game and I’ve been looking to get its sequel.

There’s also a bunch of other games that have been reduced in price that are worth taking a look at. I noticed that Call of Duty: Black Ops was reduced to $29.99 from $49.99; but let’s be honest here, the only good aspect of that game was the Zombie function.

Be there or be Square, man.

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GameStop Canada

Gamestop is a name synonymous with gaming, gaming reviews, previews and more and now they have a brand new Canadian site that’s called you guessed it; The site aims to do everything they are famous for but with a Canadian twist, from Canadian launch dates to the language options and more.

GameSpot Canada now also sell games and they do it well, stocking the most up to date games and even allowing you to pre-order titles for platforms like the PC, Wii, PS3, XBox, DS and more, they are probably now the biggest Canadian video and computer game shop.

What we want to do with this article is highlight the best deals on at, so we will update this page regularly with the best offers as and when they have good ones on. So if you are searching for anything GameSpot related you are lucky to have found this page (well we think so).

GameStop Canada Promotions

– Save up to 60% during the Power Sale at (ends 04.24.11)
– Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 and Xbox 360 for $49.99.
– Save on Nintendo 3DS bundles.

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