Game on! Save Big on Top Indie Games at Gamersgate

Save big on Indie games at Gamersgate

It’s no a secret that I’m a huge gamer and I take pride in it; except, I’ve never really gotten my hands on an indie title. Now, when I say that, I don’t mean a western style game; I mean from an independent company that isn’t as well known or big as some of its competitors. They are great games, in their own right, but don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Gamersgate is giving them that honor with a huge ‘Championship’ sale and, the more games you bundle, the bigger you save.

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Expires: 1st October, 2012

Hacker gameThe games range from $1.99 all the way up to $32.50 and they are offering huge discounts so you can try them before you vote for the best in their championship. The voting opens up September 21st and the contest runs for a few weeks after. Here’s how the bundles break down:

  • Any 3 games for $3.99
  • Any 6 games for $6.99
  • Any 9 games for $8.99
  • All 24 games for $19.99

Heads up, pay attention to this: if you were to buy all 24 of the games in a bundle as opposed to individually, you’d be saving $242.56. I don’t know about you guys, but $20 for 24 games is an amazing deal!

The game that instantly caught my interest was Hacker Evolution Duality where you have to hack into systems and break firewalls to stop an Artificial Intelligence that you created. I’m a sucker for puzzle games and brainteasers, so there’s not a chance that I’m going to pass on this game.

Venture Further with up to 75% Off Farcry Games at

Up to 75% off at GamersGate

My brother–who is also a huge fan of Vouchercodes–pointed out this deal to me and I automatically knew that I had to tell you guys about it. Like many others, he’s eagerly awaiting the release of Far cry 3–which is set to drop on December 4th–and Gamersgate is helping you get back into it with up to 75% off the first 2 Far cry games for PC’s.

Gear up those triggers finger, because it’s time to get back into the classic of all classics of first-person shooter games.

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Expires: 6th September, 2012 (at 3pm EST)

FarcryAll the games are available for PC and you can also download a demo if you’d like to try it first:

  • Far Cry complete pack (both the 1st and 2nd game) was $19.95 and is now $5.99
  • Far Cry was $9.95 and is now $2.49
  • Far Cry 2: Fortune Edition was $9.95 and is now $5.99

I never played this game myself, but I’ve heard all about its accomplishments. It’s a game that was advanced for its time and was one of the first to make you feel that you are playing against actual people, and not just silly artificial bots that don’t do much. If you enjoy shooter style games with a bunch of tropical locations, than you’ll fall instantly in love with this series.

You’ll have more than enough time to complete both games before the new one drops in a few months.

Play Some of Best-Sellers from EA Thanks to GamersGate; Save 50%

50% off Games at GamersGate

Ok, confession time; I occasionally like to play The Sims from EA. I got into it when it first released years and years ago and, because of it, I got into a bunch of other titles from them. Since they pushed back the release of Dragon’s age 3–much to my anger and others–I have to find other games to occupy my time. Thanks to GamersGate, I can now pick up some of the Classic EA titles for 50% off.

Check out the EA titles at GamersGate
Expires: 26th August 2012

The titles you can get with this deal:

  • SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition was $19.95 and is now $9.98
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 was $19.95 and is now $9.98
  • Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising was $17.95 and is now $8.98
  • Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight was $19.95 and is now $9.98

SimCity 4 puts you in command of your own city and lets you control everything. Choose to either let your Sims live in peace and give them plenty of jobs or you can destroy them with giant robots and earthquakes. Also, if you have Sims 2 lying around somewhere, you can import your characters from that game into SimCity and watch them flourish or fail.

Check out this video from CollegeHumor about the benefits of being a mayor of SimCity.

The whole Command and Conquer series is a Real-Time Simulator much like Starcraft or Warcraft, if you’ve played either title. You go on campaigns to advance your story line and each choice you make affects the outcome. It’s a battle in a super sci-fi universe and worth every penny.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a city that needs destroying.

Gamersgate Redeem Code

GamersgateAll the gaming fans out there, if you have never heard of Gamersgate then here is the run down of what they do, what they are famous for, some Gamersgate redeem codes (coupon codes) and discount links.

Gamersgate have a simple mission; allowing customers to buy and download games instantly for PC and Mac

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