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Future Shop’s VIP Sale – One Day & In-Stores Only!

Attention all those shopping the back to school sales, Future Shop is holding a VIP sale on August 29th 2013 with great reductions in a number of categories from which you’re bound to at least find one item that will interest you!
Pencil it into your schedule now because this event is in-stores and one day only!

According to the sneak peak, their back to school deals will include:

  • Up to $250 off on laptops
  • $80 off the Kobo Arc 16GB 7″ tablet
  • Up to $100 off on select HP desktops and all-in-ones
  • All iPods, headphones, & major appliances are on sale
  • 20% off HBO TV shoes
  • And many others!

This is certainly not an event to be missed although keep in mind that it’s in-stores only!

Will you be swinging by the nearest Future Shop tomorrow?

Enjoy $10 Towards “A Good Day to Die Hard” with Purchase of Select Movies at Future Shop

Die Hard deal at Future Shop

My circle of friends considers the Die Hard series to be a huge Christmas classic and we religiously watch it every year. The great holiday classic is invading Valentine’s Day and the new installment in the series, A Good Day To Die Hard, is coming out on February 14th 2013. Want to take your date? No problem! Pick up select movies at Future shop to receive $10 off when you go see it theaters.

Shop at Future Shop Canada Here
Expires: Not Provided

Future shop ItemThe blu-rays themselves are $9.99, so your basically getting a free DVD for the price of seeing the movie! Most of them are bonus additions and come with a digital copy and extras.

The titles that are part of this promotion are as follows:

Keep in mind that this promotion is available in-stores only, but you can reserve online and pick it up at your local store.

Best Valentine’s Day movie ever? I think so!

Play for Less with Future Shop by Picking Up an Xbox360 and Getting Bonuses

Future Shop Boxing Week sale

It’s no secret that I’m a gamer girl and that I take pride in knowing what people are talking about when they say things like Noob-Tubing and why hit bonuses are essential over damage bonuses in World of Warcraft (answer: It’s always hit over damage for warlocks). Jump onto the gaming bandwagon and pick up a Xbox360 for less with Future Shop Canada during the ongoing Boxing week sale. Save $50 on the console, plus get bonuses!

Shop at Future Shop Canada Here
Expires: 3rd January, 2013

Future Shop Xbox360 The 250GB system is currently on sale for $199 instead of the regular price of $250. It comes with built in Wi-Fi, a wireless remote and a hard drive that can fit as many saved files of Skyrim as you want. There are also two bonus offers as well: one in-store only and the other only online.

The in-store offer is for the multi-player gamers out there: save 50% off a 3-month subscription to Xbox Gold. Anything related to multi-player and even some online functions require you to have this. This drops the price of the subscription down from $24.99 to $12.50.

The online offer is better, in my opinion, unless you’re a hardcore multi-player. By buying your console online, you will receive a free $50 gift card. There is no better way to load up your gaming experience than with some of the hottest games around. Browse around their sale selection and pick up a few games to get lost into.

Shipping is also free on orders of $20 or more. This is definitely not a deal to be missed!

How are you going to get your game on?

Future Shop Coupons to Save up to $45 Now!

Future Shop September 2012 Coupons

Future Shop is now offering a bigger selection of products than what they were previously selling. They have added the following categories to their online store: ‘travel and luggage’, ‘furniture & home décor’, ‘tools & hardware’ and ‘baby & kids’. It’s a bold move.

And to encourage online customers to discover these new products, they have released a coupon code–which is really rare–to save $15 off purchases of $100+, $30 off purchases of $200+ or $45 off online orders of $300 or more. The code is valid until the 28th of September, so hurry up if you want to shop this promotion.

Details: $15 off $100+, $30 off $200+ or $45 off $300+
Expires: 28th September, 2012
Visit Futureshop.ca here

Future Shop Baby StrollerI was really surprised when I found out that Future Shop would now be selling baby products and more. It looks like they are trying to diversify their products maybe because the profits of electronic stores have been going steadily down recently and their parent company Best Buy is having a bit of a tough time.

The selection of products in each new category is quite impressive, so you shouldn’t be disappointed. They are also offering free shipping on purchases of $20 or more. For all coupons for Futureshop.ca in the future please use this link (this is our dedicated Futureshop page).

Save up to $100 on Cameras at Future Shop Canada; Get the Coupon Here!

Futureshop Camera Coupon

Future Shop doesn’t release coupon codes frequently so it’s almost a feast when they release one. The below code will allow Canadians to save on cameras, camcorders and photo accessories. You can get $10 off purchases of $100+, $30 off purchases of $300+, $50 off purchases of $700+ or $100 off purchases of $1000 or more.

No matter if you’re an online shopping addict or a fan of the shopping experience in one of Future Shop’s many Canadian stores, you will be able to enjoy this deal because we have an in-store and online version of the coupon. The offer expires on the 30th of August.

Details: $10 off $100+, $30 off $300+, $50 off $700+ or $100 off $1000+
Expires: 30th August 2012
Visit Futureshop.ca here

Print the Future Shop coupon

Photography is one of my hobbies and I’m always looking to buy new accessories. I really like the fact that photography is now a lot more accessible than it used to be and it doesn’t take much material to make beautifulSunset Kuta Bali pictures. There are now excellent digital cameras available for less than $300 and they have the capacity to take some awe-inspiring pictures. I took this sunset picture in Kuta-Bali with a digital Nikon one.

But I personally think that a DSLR can make a really big difference in your picture’s quality–if you know how to use it of course. If you want to find out more about how to choose your first DSLR, you can have a look at the article that Ocean, one of Vouchercodes friend’s, has written for us.

Play for Less; Get 12 Months of Xbox Live for Less at Future Shop

Any Xbox360 gamer will tell you that the ultimate multi-player experience only comes when you have an Xbox Gold account. I use to be a huge Call of Duty player before I got sucked into RPG’s and the bulk of my time wasn’t spent on special ops or the campaign, but on the multi-player section. I enjoyed a good headshot and, if I was angry, would happily run around with a grenade launcher and shoot it at unsuspecting adversaries.

For a limited time at Future Shop, you can purchase 12 months of Xbox Gold for only $39.99; that’s $20 less than normal! Not only do you get the ability to prove your dominance towards other players with this package, but you also gain access to Netflix–if you have an account, of course, epic discounts and sneak peeks as well as free demos to a bunch of games. I couldn’t begin to describe the amount of money I have saved by trying a demo before buying it!

If you’re Gold account is almost over or has expired, this is a great time to pick it up!

Future Shop logo
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Deal: Enjoy 12 months of Xbox Gold for only $39.99.
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Save up to an Extra $50 on Clearance Items at Future Shop

A sale is awesome, a clearance sale is better but additional money off on a clearance sale is just pure epic. For a limited time online, sneak a glimpse at the items marked for clearance and you could save big. My inner gamer geek is drawing me towards the games they have marked down, and it’s getting hard to resist going to the dark side of spending.

There are plenty of objects ranging from computers and software, home theater, portable gadgets, games and movies, appliances and cell phone accessories. Make sure you click on the section you would like to look at for a more in-depth view of their selection; I made the mistake when it came to the games and got slightly enraged that they didn’t have a bigger selection until I clicked on the “Gaming” tab. My rage subsided and normal geeking out ensued. The prices are already lowered but you can get these bonus discounts applied instantly to your cart:

  • Spend $100 or more and get an extra $10 off.
  • Spend $200 or more and get an extra $20 off.
  • Spend $500 or more and get an extra $50 off.

There’s a bunch of nice appliances that are marked down as well, if you are in the market to buy a new piece. There’s a bunch of movies and music priced at ridiculously low prices too.

Future Shop logo
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Deal: Save up to an extra $50 on clearance items at Future shop.
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Free Blu-Ray Player with Purchase from Future Shop

Let me start by saying that while I own a Blu-Ray player (I cheated and bought a PS3 years ago), I won’t go out of my way to buy Blu-Ray Dvd’s when the regular alternatives are cheaper and nearly as good. I’m also not a stickler for image quality and I really don’t see the difference but I have friends that swear by it and will only buy Blu-Rays and play them on their massive HD TV’s.

This deal did peak my interest however; right now at Future shop, when you buy 6 select Blu-Rays Dvd’s, you get this Toshiba Blu-Ray Player for free. That’s an $89.99 item for next to nothing. There are 35 movies to chose from and some samples are:

I will find you

  • In Time (I actually liked this movie!)
  • The A-Team
  • Taken (one of Stephen’s favourites)
  • Machete

All of the DVD’s are priced at $14.99 and if you do some quick math, the total comes out to $89.94. Don’t forget, shipping is free with orders over $20.00. This sale is for a limited time only.

Future Shop logo
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Deal: Buy any select Blu-Ray Dvds and get a Toshiba Blu-Ray Player for free.
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