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Pick up your Free Sample of Woolite Extra Dark Care

Three cheers for freebie time! While supplies last, order your free sample of Woolite Extra Dark Care laundry Detergent to extend the life of your fabulous dark pieces. Keep that little black dress black longer instead of watching it slowly fade to a grey colour. Who has ever heard of a little grey dress, anyways?

Offers like this always peak my interest; I like the chance to try something before I spend money on it. I hate the idea of buying something and not liking it or be disappointed with it; it’s money I could be saving and spending elsewhere. I personally haven’t tried this product yet, so I’m ordering a sample for sure!

Get your freebie from Woolite

Get a Free Woolite Sample

Woolite SampleLog onto Woolite’s website right now and request your free sample sachets of Woolite Dark Care or Woolite Complete. They have about 100,000 samples available until the end of December 2011. Only one sample per household can be requested. Allow 4-6 weeks to receive your sachet once you’ve filled in the sample request form using the following link.

Get your Woolite sample

Woolite Extra Dark is a product made by Reckitt Benckiser and it supposedly helps in maintaining the original color of dark clothes. I’ve always been using the same laundry detergent no matter what color of clothes I’m washing, so I’m wondering if this kind of products really makes a big difference in maintaining the colors vivid. This is the good time to give it a try.