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Corporation Centre Coupon Code – Expired

Corporationcentre.caStarting a company from scratch by yourself is not an easy task. There are so many different legal aspects that you need to take into consideration and so much paperwork to fill in to have everything set up properly. With that in mind we just found you a nice online service called that provides affordable and convenient corporate services for Canadian entrepreneurs. I just referred them to one of my friends that is starting her own business, so I’ll get back to you shortly with feedback on their services. But from what I read so far, they seem to be a really professional service. Let us know what you think about them if you’ve ever used their services in the past?

At this time we have some great offers for Corporation Centre so that you can get a free instant price quote for their business incorporating services. Click on our link below to activate the coupon and enjoy our discounts. And if ever you have any questions you can always use their live online chat to talk with an expert.

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Perfectmatch.comGet a free 3 day free trial membership on This is an online dating site for singles that has been created to help you to find the perfect match in your area. They are using what they call “Duet” software (I have no idea if this is good or not) that supposedly finds highly compatible matches, so basically you should be able to find the right person for you.

So if you’re still looking for the perfect match and you’re interested to meet compatible people, well that might be the right online dating site for you. And if you’re not sure about it, just use our offer for the 3 day free trial membership.

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Netflix Free Phone App

NetflixCanadaNetflix Canada has released a free application for Iphone/Ipod Touch/Ipad that allows you to watch instantly movies and TV shows on your Ipod through your Netflix account. It means that for only $7.99 per month you can have unlimited TV episodes and movies on your Iphone or Ipod, your TV and your computer. You just need to download the application from the Apple store and to subscribe to the Netflix service, then you’re ready to watch everything that you want.

And you can now use your PS3, your Wii and soon your XBOX 360 in order to watch the movies on your TV. To me this sounds like a really good offer for only $7.99 per month. Register to the 1 month free trial if you’re still not convince about Netflix subscription services.

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Netflix Canada Launching

NetflixCanadaWe talked about it last week, but it has now arrived! Netflix Canada is now up and running and we have for you the best discounts for this subscription service. If you’re still not sure or convinced about their services, well just use our coupon for a 1 month free trial to convince yourself. Then enjoy unlimited movies and TV episodes on your TV and/or computer. We also found out that there is a free application in the Apple store for your Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch so that you can watch movies from this service directly on it!

If you’re already a subscriber to this service, let us know so we can have your comments. It would be really good to know what their actual or new customers (apart from the ones in the commercial of course) really think.

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Free Ultra 5 Day Shaving Challenge

ultra free sample

You can now take the free Ultra 5 day shaving challenge. I believe this is the promo for men, but I also remember when I browsed their site a similar offer for women, so look around to see if you can find it.

Click here to take the free 5 day challenge

The pack contains 5 x 3ml single use sachets of ULLTRA 3-in-1 shaving cream. They claim after the 5 day challenge it will change the way you shave forever, now that’s a bold statement, they don’t know just quite how lazy I am when it comes to shaving (it’s been 1 week now and counting).

T&C’s: Please note there is a limit of one (1) per household). By ordering more than one (1) per household you will be depriving someone else of a chance to have one too. Their software deducts the quantity you order from available stock to others. Please also provide correct contact details and email address as free samples will not be dispatched too incorrect data or returned email addresses.

Some info about their product:

– No More Bad Shave Days.
– 95% of ULLTRA Shaving product users come back for more.
– 3 Products in 1 Dispenser
– No Parabens, no sles, no animal testing, no mineral oils, no petroleum
– All Natural Ingredients.

This 3 in 1 Shaving Cream is:

1. A pre-shave hair softener (massage deep into skin before shaving)
2. A shaving cream.
3. A Moisturiser (for all over the face). Soothes, calms and moisturises your skin before, during and after shaving.



This article is about Carbonite (, what they do, why this is useful and some Carbonite offer codes to help you save money, we also have a free trial to see what they do without paying for it. There is not much written about Carbonite for Canadians so we thought we would take this opportunity to review the brand for you and make some unbiased comments. As always we like to hear your opinion, share your thoughts and experiences with carbonite with us. Also, we recently added a Mozy Review with a 10% off Promotional Code if you are interested in comparing the 2 brand which are renowned as the best 2 in the market for online backup. And a new find is NovaStor that also run windows backups, we have a 20% coupon for this company.

Carbonite Offer Codes

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Carbonite Review

They launched not to long ago back in 2006 and started selling back up space for a flat price not only for consumers but for small businesses too. Their site didn’t really take off until the start of this year, now the site is massive. Quite amazing that they have restored backups totalling 2 million files for people that would have been lost for one reason or another (i.e. theft of hardware, hardware crashes).

Carbonite backup

Having a backup on a server is all good and well, but we tested how easy it was to actually use their interface, this is what we found; Carbonite will automatically backup your computer (PC and now Mac) files which is something we didn’t expect but appreciated, it also works in the backgroud so it won’t affect your computer’s performance. Remembering to back up is not on everyone’s list of priorities, so they get the thumbs up for this one. Their interface was easy to use and we opted for the Carbonite free trial to see how comprehensive it was. We didn’t need to ask any questions from customer service, we found the support documents and interface extremely user friendly and intuitive. You have to download the software, but it only took 2 minutes for us which again gave them another point.

In terms of price Carbonite are not bad either, now there are cheaper alternatives our there, we found that Carbonite sat in the middle of the pack in terms of price, but you also get what you pay for. At $54.95 per year standard and $99.95 for 2 years you get easy to use software that you can just forget about. When it comes to trust we found that Carbonite was recommended by PC World and which carry as about as much authority as you get, that’s like getting the gold seal of approval in my book.

When it comes to restoring your data, we tested it and restored 300 files in 3 clicks, not bad. We used a mixture of photos, music, emails and random word documents which were all returned with no problems.

Some Cons of Carbonite:

– Does not currently support network or mapped drives.
– When performing backup, system omits videos by default, you have to manually do this.
– Telephone support lines are often busy and support emails could be more informative.

Why we chose Carbonite

Hardcore members of this site will know that I was broken into and all my stuff was taken, including my computer, so I had no backup and now it’s a nightmare trying to do pretty much anything, so in that spirit we went hunting for backup software so this kind of thing can’t happen to us again, or not have the same affect on us at least. We found Carbonite to be the easiest to use (from 5 top brands we tested), relatively you get the best value for money and we trusted them with our most sensitive data.

Real Arcade Download Free Games

download real arcade

Real Arcade 2 Free Games

Real Arcade offers some of the best downloadable games on the web with their product Game Pass. Go to and get your free trial today. With Real Arcade Game Pass free trial you get 2 free games to ‘try before you buy’

Like with many free trials you have to enter your credit card details but there is no obligation to continue and you can cancel at any time, or if you like the games you can keep subscribing. Click here for your Real Arcade free download.

This is what Game Pass includes:

– Get a new FREE game of your choice every month! ($20 value)
– You can keep these games forever! (even if you cancel your membership)
– Over 500 games to choose from! New releases every week.
– Get 25% to 75% off other games you decide to purchase.
– Receive advance notice of sales and special events.