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Who Wants to Get a Free Full-Sized Vaseline Bottle?

I couldn’t really believe it when I stumbled upon this Facebook freebie from Vaseline, but it really is true. For a limited time only, through the Vaseline Facebook page, Canadians can get a free full-sized bottle of Vaseline Total Moisture. As you can guess, there are a few steps to be completed before you can get the coupon and enjoy your freebie.

First of all, go to the Vaseline Facebook page and ‘like’ them, this has become mandatory for all the Facebook freebies ;) You then have to choose one of your friends and deserve them a Vaseline Goodness Award. This only takes a few seconds and your friends don’t even need to accept it for you to get your voucher. But if they do, they’ll also get a voucher for a free full-sized bottle.

As you can guess, there’s a limit of one coupon per person. There are probably limited quantities available but I couldn’t find any information about when this promotion would be ending.