Free Red Rose Tea

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This is how this freebie offer goes on. Order your coupon from, use it in store with the purchase of any box of Red Rose Canadian Breakfast tea and get any Red Rose Tea product (equal or lesser value) for free. I’ve never tasted this flavour but I did try the English Breakfast one, so I’m wondering what is going to be the difference with the Canadian one.

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As Stephen is from England, I think I’m going to ask him to taste the Canadian one and let us know what he thinks about it. Even though he’s now a resident here and he really likes it, don’t expect him to find the Canadian one better! The English are tremendous tea purists, so I would be tempted to say that they probably also have some of the best tea ever (don’t get me wrong I love the tea we can buy here!). I know that whenever Steph goes back to England, he brings back a special brand of tea that cannot be found here. This and Marmite, which is a product that you never want to taste, trust me ; )