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Get in Shape with Free Workout Music

I’m not the most athletic person in the world, but I know that a good mix with a good beat keeps you pumped and going when you are working out. Something upbeat and catchy that will make you want to push harder through those final moments. My gamer side enjoys a good beat too when playing certain games and my frugal side is in love with these free songs.

The following tunes you can download straight to iTunes (not from) from or you can download them as a Zip file:

  • “Good Time” by Owl City with Carly Rae Jespen.
  • “Want U Back” by Cher Lloyd.
  • “World, Hold On” by Bob Sinclair.
  • “All Over the World” by ELO.
  • “Whistle” by Flo Rida.

You also can listen to samples of each track to see for yourself how awesome these tunes are!

Claim your Free Workout Music.