Free M&M pied

Who’s In for a Free Pie at M&M Meats Stores?

This is right, today only (February 25th) you could get a free pumpkin or apple pie at M&M Meat stores in Canada. How does this fantastic freebie (hmmm…. apple pie) works? Simply buy for $10 or more of M&M products at one of their stores and you’ll automatically get a pie with your purchase, no printable coupon needed. I’m guessing that if they still have both flavours left, you should be able to choose which one you want to get, but I can’t guarantee it.

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They are probably having this promotion because they have too many apple and pumpkin pies left from last fall and these don’t last for ages. So it’s better to run this kind of freebie offer and make customers happy than to throw away good food. I don’t like when stores and restaurants throw away food that is still good for eating. This is such a waste.