Free hockey helmet

Get a Free Hockey Helmet from Chevrolet

Free Hockey HelmetChevrolet is having an interesting program called ‘The Chevrolet Hockey Helmet Program’. In other words your child might be eligible to get a Bauer hockey helmet for FREE. Your kid needs to be 5 years and registered in a Canadian Hockey minor league to participate in the program. It only starts in September but you can currently pre-register so they will keep you posted with the latest information.

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That’s a really nice program from Chevrolet I think as hockey equipment really is expensive. So if at least parents don’t have to buy a hockey helmet, I think it’s a good start. And team sports such as hockey can help kids to learn teamwork, discipline and perseverance. I just hope that all kids are going to be able to enrol in the program and to get a free helmet as their website says they are eligible but it doesn’t say that kids complying to those restrictions will automatically get one. If anyone has more information than I do at the moment, let me know and I’ll let everyone knows about it.