Free coffee

Enjoy a FREE Starbucks tall brewed coffee (with purchase)

With the purchase of any variety bag (226g or 340g) of Starbucks coffee from your local grocery store, coffee addicts can now get a FREE Starbucks tall brew coffee by printing out the coupon from It ends June 15, 2012, which means that you have until this date to go to a Canadian Starbucks coffee shop to surrender your original grocery receipt (obviously quite important to prove you bought the coffee) and the coupon to get a Free Tall (354ml) brewed coffee.

Starbucks Printable Coupon

Starbucks has over 40 years of roasting excellence representing a global roster of blends and some of the world’s finest fresh roasted whole coffee beans. I guess they are running this promotion because they are now responsible for the logistics of their coffee to supermarkets whereas before there was an (unnamed) company Starbucks got into bed with years ago that took a big portion of their profits and controlled where and how much coffee was sold, luckily for them they are now out of that deal and they are celebrating with us coffee fans (this is my own personal opinion).