Free Burberry Fragrance

Get a Free Sample of Burberry Body Fragrance for Women

Burberry BodyThis freebie offer is to try the Body fragrance for women by Burberry. The free bottle you can order is quite small, but it should be enough to try it on a few times to know if you like it or not. I think that it’s always nice to try a perfume on for about one week before buying it so that we can know what friends and family think.

The sample is available on Burberry’s Facebook page, see our below link. You will need to fill in a sample request form with your basic personal information and also allow access to your FB account unfortunately. It seems to be the latest trend when it comes to offering freebie offers. This is the perfect time to use your ‘other’ Facebook account that you might have created only to be able to claim this kind of samples.

Go to Burberry Facebook page