Free Advil nighttime sample

Sleep Tight with Free Advil Nighttime Samples

This is one freebie that I wouldn’t wait too long to claim if I were you, because we have no idea when it will end or how many of them are actually available. You can order yours if you are 18 years old and older and if you don’t live in province of Quebec (as it is not available there). I think I can hear you shouting: “get to the freebie already, we don’t even know what it’s about”, okay okay, hold your horses. The offer is for Advil Nighttime Samples, for the grand cost of zero.

Have you tried these before? I hit a difficult patch in my life a while back and I had trouble sleeping, so I actually tried these sleeping tablets and I thought they helped me to initially get to sleep (didn’t help resolve the underlying issue obviously). Just be careful not to try them during the day though, unless you have time for a little power nap ;)

Get your free Advil Nighttime sample

It always surprises me that we’re allow to order medication by mail, because anyone could order them, even though they say you need to be 18 years old and older, you don’t need to prove it. I thought this would be something illegal or at least frowned upon even though you can get them at your local pharmacy, I think it would have been better as a printable coupon, that’s just me though.