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Marble Slab Loads of Printable Coupons….Yummy!

While it’s not quite the summery season of shorts, flip flops and a nice long walk with an ice cream in hand with shades on lazing around, it does seem to be the season of ice cream discounts. It’s the second one I’ve come across this week. We have posted about special offers from Marble Slab a few times before, and what’s interesting is that they don’t seem to repeat their offers, this one is entirely new to me (I believe). Customers searching for some of that cold creamy goodness, in the epic proportion scale might enjoy these printable coupons for Marble Slab to get multiple discounts.

As this is a printable, you will have to go to your local outlet, find the nearest one to you here. The closest one to me is absolutely miles away, so it isn’t much use to me, but I have already sent it to a couple of fiends, so I hope you get to enjoy what I cannot.

Here are a few of the discounts available: $8 for 2 cones, $5 off a layered ice cream cake, buy one cone and get the 2nd for .99c & buy 2 half litre tubs of ice cream for $10.

Details: 20% off online orders
Expires: 13th April, 2014
Visit Marble Slab here

East Side Marios Coupon

East Side Marios Coupon

I have never eaten at East Side Marios before. But by signing up to their newsletter they sometimes send you the occasional free coupon. There is a restaurant locator on the link provided for customers to find their local restaurant, it looks like they have locations all across Canada. Otherwise you have a little while to enjoy this online coupon I found today:

Details: $15 off when you order $30 worth of food at East Side Marios online.
Expires: 12th June, 2014
Visit East Side Marios here

This is an absolutely ridiculous coupon. 50% off food is crazy. I don’t think they will make any money on this offer at all. But perhaps they are hoping to drum up some new customers. There were no T&C’s I could find with this coupon, so I’m not sure if it applies to delivery or taxes or not, but regardless, this is the best coupon I’ve found this week so far. Enjoy.

Save up to $10 on your Next Purchase at Teavana

Up to $10 off at Teavana

Slip into some sweats, grab your favorite tea, and take a few minutes to yourself. While you relax, why not order some more of that deliciously good brew from Teavana? With a wide selection of tea flavors of all kinds, as well as enough accessories for all of your tea-brewing needs, Teavana is a haven for tea-lovers. On top of it all, we’re here to help you save up to $10 with a fantastic coupon.

If you’re looking for other savings to put into your infuser, stop at our Teavana coupon page for more.

Details: Get $10 off when you spend $60 or more
Expires: 31st March, 2014
Visit Teavana here

TeavanaAs a bonus, a free tea sample is even included with your order! This month’s freebie is the rambunctious Maharaka Chai/Samurai Chai Tea blend. If that doesn’t make you want to bust our your ninja skills, then I don’t know what will!

My awesome co-workers actually gave me a tea infuser for the holidays just like the one on the right. Perfect for a cup of tea, this Remi glass tea mug also comes with a stainless steel infuser that is super easy to clean. Watching the tea infuse into your glass is rather neat and I found myself trying different teas just to see the effects for myself. It’s dishwasher safe, which is also a huge advantage. This infuser can be yours for $19.95 and is well worth the price.

Shipping is free with on orders over $50. Might as well go that extra mile and pick up $60 worth of merchandise and use the code above to save $10! It’s like you’re getting $10 worth of free stuff.

What will you be getting at Teavana?

Some Fresh Discounts to Wet your Appetite Sale

So I have a tasty treat for you today. I have one offer in particular and I thought I would jot down a couple of valid coupons I tested too just to sweeten the deal for you.

If you can spot the deal in the image above then you have a head start on what I’m talking about. Until God knows when Domino’s are offering BOGOF on any pizza, absolutely any pizza you want–but it must be on Tuesdays. The price obviously has to be the menu price and it can’t be used in conjunction with any other offers (like the coupons I have put below for you). And with over 370 locations across the country I don’t think it will be hard to find one that will deliver to you either.

Details: Buy any Pizza and get a second Pizza of equal or lesser value for absolutely free. Only valid on Tuesdays)
Expires: Not Provided
Visit Domino’s here

You can use their website, their flyer or their new app for android and iphone to order your pizza. I have to say I have used the app a couple of times and it is kind of fun. But to have it there on your phone or tablet all the time is just too easy and tempting, so better use the website instead. After all, treating ourselves every now and then is okay, but we can’t do it all the time. Speaking of which I read a thread on reddit talking about the blotting of pizzas and how much fat it really takes off, I can’t link to the article because sometimes they swear on the community site (if you’re interested then you can google it), but I found a short and sweet one from CNN health that basically repeated it, saying that blotting a pizza with a napkin does remove about 20-50 calories from the pizza without really affecting the taste in a bad way, so why not give that a try if you are feeling overly guilty about taking that extra slice.

You may want to see if these coupons still work too:

Details: 2 medium 3-topping pizzas & some cheesy bread for only $19.99.
Expires: Not Provided
Visit Domino’s here
Details: 1 medium feast pizza for only $9.99.
Expires: Not Provided
Visit Domino’s here

I took the above coupons form our dedicated Domino’s Pizza coupons page

Free iögo Greko Yoghurt (a $7 value)

Now this is a company that kind of came out of nowhere about a year ago. Now they are dominating most grocery store’s yoghurt shelves. One of the main reasons for their success (IMHO) is due to their aggressive marketing campaigns. Quite often I see a discount on this brand at the store. I’m one of those who chooses my yoghurt based on promotion (and therefore price), so I quite often have this brand in my fridge–who doesn’t love granola with yoghurt? So while I was claiming this coupon for myself, I thought other people might like it too. So here it is, a facebook coupon for a free iögo Greko Yoghurt, a rough value of just under $7 at the store apparently.

Note: Users must ‘like’ the offer, from there they are redirected to Websaver where they need to have an existing account in order to print the coupon off. From there, the coupon will be mailed out. No idea on the expiry date of this coupon, as it is not listed.

Enjoy a free iögo Greko Yoghurt by liking their Facebook offer.

Free Subscription to Ingredients etc. Magazine

Take less than a minute to subscribe and get a free subscription to Ingredients etc. magazine from Registration is absolutely free and requires no credit card information. Subscribers are also given the choice between receiving the magazine in English or French, which should be a welcome option for Quebec residents!

Though the duration of the free subscription is unclear as you may only get one magazine or it could be for a year, getting one free magazine is better than none! The magazine features all kinds of recipes from dinner time elaborate meals, quick and easy every day meals or making party meals.

Hopefully the recipes included in the magazine can help some new cooks as well! Let us know in the comments below if you have ever tried a recipe from Ingredients etc. and if so which one(s)?

Get a free subscription to Ingredients etc. magazine here.

Get A Free Sample Of Van Houtte Coffee

With plenty of samples still left at the time of writing this post, hurry over to Van Houtte’s Facebook page to request a free sample of coffee.
All you need to do is fill out a short form and you even get to choose the kind of coffee you would like to receive: whether K-Cup packs or ground coffee.

From the picture on the promotion, it would appear that they ship a sample of 3 k-cups but let us know if you get anything different. Hopefully it’s the same quantity for ground coffee as well.

What makes this freebie even more awesome is that you can pay it forward, meaning that you can also send a free coffee sample to friends and family!

Are you a fan of Van Houtte coffee? What’s your favorite roast?

Get a free sample of Van Houtte coffee by liking their Facebook page here.

Celebrate National Coffee Day With 20% Off All Orders At Coffees of Hawaii

Coffees of Hawaii 20% Off

Fall is now officially upon us and as the leaves begin to turn in color and slowly fall to the ground, a nice cup of coffee is in order to warm up with. In celebration of National Coffee Day, which is observed yearly on September 29th, Coffees of Hawaii is offering 20% off all orders along with shipping for a flat rate of just $4.50!

For more coffee discounts, be sure to visit our Coffees of Hawaii store page.

Details: Save 20% off all orders and enjoy shipping for just $4.50
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit Coffees of Hawaii here

Espresso MugMacadamia Nut CoffeeWhen you go to Subway, do you order those white chocolate and macadamia cookies? Now take a moment to imagine sipping on a macadamia nut coffee — taste the deliciousness for yourself by trying out a whole bag of it. Better yet, pour this delectable coffee into the espresso mug on the right to keep your liquid energy hotter that much longer as its made of ceramic.

Koa Measuring SpoonAll avid coffee lovers (and really who isn’t a coffee lover nowadays?) should definitely consider accessorizing in the right way with the Koa measuring spoon made from Koa wood, which ancient Hawaiians used in the construction of canoes. Likewise, if you really want to wow your guests next time they come over, then the cappuccino white chocolate covered beans are sure to make many gaze up in satisfaction.

What is your favorite kind of coffee?

Talk or Dress Like a Pirate For Free Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme

Words cannot even describe the amazingness behind Krispy Kreme’s one-day only promotion! Only on September 19th 2013, during their Talk Like A Pirate Day, you can get up to a dozen free doughnuts!
This is a great opportunity to treat all of your coworkers or perhaps even your family to a delicious dessert that is sure to have everyone raving for days!Krispy Kreme Talk Like A Pirate Day

To qualify, either:

  • Talk like a pirate for one free doughnut or
  • Dress like a pirate for a dozen free doughnuts.

It’s a shame that it’s not an all week kind of freebie but the chance at a free doughnut, even during one day, is still pretty awesome in our frugal books!

Visit Krispy Kreme’s website to find out more how to talk or dress like a pirate for free doughnuts.

Second Cup: Upgrade in Size for Free (Toronto Only)

Is the Adelaide Centre on your way to work in the mornings? Print the coupon below to get a free upgrade to a size bigger with any purchase of brewed coffee, speciality coffee, or tea at Second Cup.

Did you know that all Second Cup kiosks offer free internet? Head on over to enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee or tea while you get some work done and listen to music.

This coupon is only redeemable at the Second Cup in Adelaide Centre located in Toronto, ON.

Second Cup Logo
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