Finish JetDry

Get a Free Container of Finish Rinse Agent or Dish Cleaner

It was only a few days ago that we talked about a free offer from Finish and we have already heard wind of another offer from Finish! This one is slightly different (obviously). This is a mail-in rebate offer for either a free rinse agent or dish cleaner, the latter being entirely new knowledge to me, I didn’t know it even existed–apparently you use this with no dishes in the dishwasher to clean your dishwasher periodically, something which I have never ever done and now feel quite guilty about.

The rebate also allows you to get $5.49 off any Jetdry which is a hefty discount any way you look at it (if you prefer to get a big bottle). Simply purchase any of the mentioned products and follow the steps on the rebate form to claim. You will get $5.49 back from Finish to cover the price of the product and the actual postage and taxes. Follow the times listed below and on the form to make sure your rebate is eligible. And whatever you do, don’t forget to keep the receipt with the UPC code on it, otherwise you wont get anything back.

Get your rebate form for a free Finish Rinse Agent or Dish Cleaner