$5 Off a Brita Filter Printable Coupon

Brita FilterThe below link will redirect you to the website where you can print a coupon to save $5 on your purchase of a Brita filter. I’m guessing that with the heatwave going on for the past few days, a lot of people might be looking to buy one of these. Water bottles can become quite expensive and produce a considerable amount of pollution, so a water filter may be a good alternative. This coupon can only be used in Canada before the 31st of December.

Get your $5 off Brita filter printable coupon

If you read carefully the fine prints on the coupon it says that not all retailers accept home printed coupons. If ever your nearest retailer won’t accept your coupon, let us know so our users can try another one instead.

I’ve always been using a Brita filter and I love it. I think that sometimes the filters are a bit too expensive, but water definitely tastes better. And it’s better for the environment as I don’t end up throwing away loads of empty water bottles. It’s ridiculous how many plastic bottles end up in the trash every year!