Get a Free Sample of L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator (Via Facebook)

The more love the L’Oreal Facebook page gets, the more freebies they will give. So ‘like’ their post about this giveaway on their page now and stay posted to find out when the free samples will be available.

As of now, there isn’t much information about how the freebies will be distributed, but let’s hope that everyone who liked the post will get one. From what I read, the L’Oreal Youth Code BB cream illuminator is supposed to be an excellent product–all by it a mouth full, so I’m keeping my fingers that it will be available during this special offer.

Get your L’Oreal freebie

Free Pack Of Dentyne Gum

free dentyneWhile facebook freebies annoy the hell out of a lot of people if you use a secondary account it shouldn’t bother you that much. This facebook freebie is for a free pack of Dentyne gum when you ‘like’ their fan page on FB.

Dentyne is giving away 10,000 packs of gum. As usual, you have to “Like” them and “Allow” them access your information. Offer is good until February 14th, 2011 or until 10,000 packs are given away, whichever comes first.

Get your free Dentyne Canada Gum on Facebook

Free Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamer

Gourmet Steamers

This facebook freebie is for a free Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamer. I have never tried these before, and I am not the biggest fan of instant noodles and instant boiled or steamed anything, in fact anything that goes in the microwave, but I used to go through a lot of meals like these while studying (those were the days).

To get this freebie you need to ‘like’ the promo, then they will send you a coupon for a free sample. I hope it’s a real sized product and not a tiny thing. Again if I were you I would use my 2nd facebook account for this deal.

Get your free sample of Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers

The meals are microwavable entrees that take less than 5 minutes to cook from frozen.

Free Shark Week Episode

Free Shark Week EpisodeThe movie Jaws has ruined sea swimming, snorkeling and pretty much any other sea water sport for me, ever since I was a kid, I am scared to death of sharks. And once I saw a black tip reef shark in Fiji and I froze, the shark could have just snacked on me while I was floating there motionless like a chicken drumstick. So I don’t know if I will be taking advantage of this freebie, it’s for a free episode from the shark week feature on the discovery channel given away for free by itunes on Facebook.

The free episode is entitled Great White Shark: Uncaged. So basically people swimming with these creatures with no cages! Errr crazy people. No idea when this promo finishes, there were no dates on the facebook page.

Watch this facebook/itunes free promo for Shark Week

Free Ice Cream Float From Dennys

lids.caDennys is giving away ice cream floats from June 20th to June 27th as a nice treat to dad’s (for fathers day). You need to print off your Denny’s father’s day e-card from this Denny’s facebook promotion to claim your freebie. The card also allows for a little bit of customization, so you can create a real father’s day card and then just send it to him via facebook, email or print the thing out.

The coupon (inside the father’s day card) let’s dad choose any float, currently Denny’s has only three flavours which are Cherry Coke Float, Root Beer Float or Red, White and Blueberry Float.

Like most promotions this promo is only valid at participating locations and apparently you also have to purchase something from the ‘Value Menu’ or an entree from the normal menu to claim this freebie. I hate freebies with catches, but all the same if you love Denny’s then you might as well use the promo.

Remember you may not want to use your personal facebook account, use your second one (if you have one, if not then create one)

Click here for more info on this free Denny’s float promo

Free React 5 Gum

React 5 GumFacebook freebies are all the rage right now, they are just hard to find, that’s why your lucky you have us :) This Canadian freebie from facebook / React 5 is for their famous gum.

I actually like this gum, ever since they did this huge promotional push here in Montreal (I got like 10 packets for free one day on the street) so I am going to be claiming this freebie. You need a facebook account, but if you are a freebie hunter you will probably have a second facebook account just for offers like this. Supplies are limited, so hurry!

Click here to get your free 5 Gum