Free Standard Shipping at Buffalo Jeans Canada with this VC Exclusive

Free Shipping exclusive at Buffalo jeans Canada

We have managed to secure another amazing Vouchercodes.ca exclusive code for Buffalo Jeans Canada. It’s rare that offers like these come along and it’s a great idea to take advantage of them when they do. For a limited time, enjoy free shipping on your entire order with no required minimum. If you like this code, make sure to visit our Buffalo Jeans Canada offer page and to like it.

Exclusive Buffalo Canada CouponDetails: Free Standard Shipping
Expires: 28th February, 2014
Visit Buffalo Canada here

Buffalo ItemFree shipping is normally offered only on orders of $99 or more, making this an even sweeter deal.

T-shirts like the Purple Umma, featured on the left, are the ideal piece for creating layers with other items. On sale for $19, it can also be used as both a casual and office shirt. To help keep you warm in the colder months, drape this Grey cardigan over it for only $24.99.

There’s also the option of a stylish suit jacket like this cream nuevo. Running at $99.99, it will survive with you during the years and be a perfect statement piece.

Let me know in the comments below if you have shopped at Buffalo Jeans before.

Accessorize For 15% Less at the Canon eStore with the VC Exclusive

VoucherCodes.ca Canon Exclusive

Electronic devices can often require a bit of budgeting to get them, but what do you do once you finally have the much anticipated item? Accessorize it! For a limited time, take advantage of our VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive and save 15% off accessories at Canon.

As usual, don’t forget to check our Canon store page next time you’re looking to save at their all-encompassing eStore.

Exclusive Canon Canada CouponDetails: Enjoy 15% off accessories (excl. ink, toner or paper)
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit Canon Canada eStore here

Remote SwitchWith Instagram all the rage now, simplify your picture taking with the remote switch which acts as a shutter release button and features a 2-foot long cable. Granted you’ll be needing an actual camera for this handy accessory but it’s definitely well worth it, especially for those family gatherings where someone is always left out of the picture.

SX Series II Leather CaseAs far as camera accessories go, a durable case is also particularly vital because at the price that certain cameras cost, you’ll definitely want to protect it from anything: whether rain, snow, sand, cold air, etc. The leather case on the right definitely won’t disappoint with its material that is certain to last a number of years. Though this one is specifically designed for the SX II series of cameras, it could potentially serve as the perfect case for other models — simply take a moment to compare dimensions.

Which accessory from Canon are you most in need of?

These Shoes Are Made For Walking – 20% Off At Robeez with the VC Exclusive

Robeez 20% Off Site-Wide

When it comes to baby shoes, it’s important to go for quality. Sure the argument can be made that they’ll outgrow them fast enough but fact of the matter is that cute shoes make for an even more adorable looking baby and subsequently, pictures to show off when they bring a date over twenty years later! Best of all, use our incredible VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive to save 20% off all kids shoes at Robeez!

Exclusive Robeez CouponDetails: Save an extra 20% off site-wide
Code: VCODES20
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit Robeez here

While a baby’s first steps are as important as their first words, making sure they look just as fashionable as they do looking adorable is just as essential — and really, what baby doesn’t look super cute?

Boys and Girls Sale Shoes

The “I Luv Mustaches” soft soled shoes would look absolutely adorable for the upcoming month of Movember and best of all they’re on sale for just $16.19 and with Exclusive, they can be further reduced to $12.95! Same goes for the super cute colorful ballet mini shoez for girls (second from the left in the top row), which also conveniently feature a non-skid sole to prevent slipping.

The question here isn’t what will you choose but rather how many pairs will you be saving on today?

Print Away For Cheaper: 12% Off at 123inkjets with the VC Exclusive

123inkjets 12% Off with VC Exclusive

Truth is, printing can turn into an addiction but while printing all of the ingenious DIY ideas on Pinterest can be fun, overpaying for ink cartridges definitely isn’t as great. Luckily, our VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive is here to save the day: until the end of the month, save an extra 12% off all orders at 123inkjets!

For more incredible deals, take a look at our round-up of the best Back To School deals for 2013.

Exclusive 123inkjets CouponDetails: Enjoy 12% off on orders $50+
Code: VouchercodesFS
Expires: 31st August, 2013
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Ink Refill KitWhat’s a great way to get your ink all the while preserving the environment? The answer is: ink refill kits, which allows you to refill your own cartridges and is much cheaper than regular ink cartridges! In fact, the colors are just as crisp and stunning as the originals.

The kit includes all of the tools necessary for several refill of 123inkjets’ ink.

Pantum PrinterWhether for a small business or as the go-to printer in a busy apartment with several focused students (or last minute ones as well), the Pantum is sure to get the job done, especially since it’s the fastest and most durable printer at its price point.

Best of all, get it with 2 high-yield toners for just $158.39 with the VC Exclusive instead of $199.99.

Once this code has expired, be sure to visit our 123inkjets store page for more coupon codes.

Cheaper Printer Ink With the VC Exclusive for 12% Off at 4Inkjets

4Inkjets 12% Off

Do you sometimes delay buying printer ink because it’s just so darn expensive? There’s no need with Inkjets where, ink is cheaper and quickly delivered. The best part is that you can use our VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive to save an extra 12% off all orders over $50 at 4Inkjets!

In case you miss this promotion, stay tuned to upcoming Inkjets discounts with our page dedicated to their best coupon codes.

Exclusive 4InkJets CouponDetails: Save 12% off orders $50+
Code: VcodesFS
Expires: 31st August, 2013
Visit 4InkJets here

Brother Ink CartridgesNearly all of us need printer ink and let’s face it, even if you think you don’t, you probably do because it’s just so handy! From printing recipes to keeping a Pinterest portfolio with all of the ingenious DIY ideas… the possibilities are endless. Heck, if you don’t have a GPS or even a smartphone, then printing directions is also another great way to use a printer but since as we all know printer ink can be rather expensive, the best course of action is to buy it in bulk at online stores such as 4InkJets.

Selling ink for all types of printers from Brother to Canon, Dell, Lexmark, Samusung and Xerox, it’s definitely a one-stop experience for cheaper ink. They also specialize in refill ink kits, printer supplies as well as select photo paper.

How often do you use your printer?

A Rare Exclusive: Save 10% off on your Next Purchase from Buytopia.ca

10% off your order at Buytopia.ca

Put aside all those doubts and indecisiveness about Buytopia.ca and embrace the savings! With oodles of deals in your local area and nationally, I dare you…no, I double doggy Oreo cookie dare you to not be intrigued by an offer there. With savings already up to 90% off on select things, we’re about to sweeten the pot a little bit more with our VoucherCodes.ca exclusive code. For a limited time, save an extra 10% off on your next order. It doesn’t get better than this!

Make sure to scope out the Buytopia offer page and take note of the savings you can get!

Exclusive Buytopia.ca CouponDetails: 10% off your next order
Expires: 21st August 2013
Visit Buytopia.ca here

Maroon 5 ConcertDo you really wanna love somebody, do you really wanna dance the night away? Both of those are possible with tickets to a Maroon 5 concert. Pay only $89 with Buytopia and either have the night of your dreams or gift it to someone you know who would truly appreciate it.

Or since summer’s not over yet, save loads by going to the Wild Water Kingdom waterpark in Brampton, ON. It’s one of Canada’s largest waterparks and the best part is that you can get tickets for just $18 instead of $36!

These are only a sample of the numerous deals to be had at Buytopia. Be sure to check your local deals for an even better idea of how you can save!

How are you going to save?

Won’t Last Long! Save 15% at Buffalo Jeans with the VC Exclusive Code

Buffalo Jeans 15% Off

If you haven’t shopped at Buffalo Jeans’ online store yet, then I really don’t know what you’re waiting for and I urge you to take advantage of the wonderful VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive promo code for 15% off all orders!

Free shipping offers like the one we have one our Buffalo store page are awesome and all but nothing beats taking off a certain percentage. Comment below on whether you agree or disagree!

Exclusive Buffalo Jeans CouponDetails: Take 15% off site-wide
Expires: 31st August, 2013
Visit Buffalo Jeans here

Sahov Men's ShirtEmbodying hotness, the model —ahem, I mean the shirt on the left— would definitely work to accentuate the arms, chest, back and really, any vital area! Given the name Sahov, it features a casually dressy style that could be boldly paired with yellow pants just as in the picture.

However, before purchasing any style of pants at Buffalo Jeans or anywhere else for that matter, be sure to take a moment to get fitted to pinpoint the exact type of jeans that would look the best for your body type!

Jillian Women's JeansAs for the ladies, the best part about the Jillian skinny jeans is that since they themselves make for an awesome statement piece, all you need to do is dress them down slightly with a simpler and more casual-looking top such as the Silvan. The key here is not to overdo it — well, unless that’s the style you’re going for!

Let us know on Facebook what you think of the clothes mentioned in this post. Would you buy them?

Get Ready For Back-To-School with $10 Off at Well.ca & Free Shipping

The time has almost come for going back to school, which means plenty of opportunities for the remaining of the month! Take for instance the VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive that we have secured: for the next couple of months, use the coupon code below at Well.ca once you reach check-out and save $10 off orders of $25 or more and even get free shipping.

To find out more about Well.ca, read about them here.

Exclusive Well.ca CouponDetails: $10 off $25+ and free shipping
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit Well.ca here

Skip Hop Zoo LunchiesIs your little one starting school for the first time this year? While the first day is always the hardest one, make sure your child is prepared with back to school essentials such as the panda lunch bag. Discounted to $12.78, it features a lovely panda with an insulated inside that has enough room for a lunch, snacks and even a water bottle.

Speaking of which, the ZOO straw bottle would be a perfect match for it and would bring you one step closer to that $25 required minimum to redeem our Exclusive.

ECOLunchboxAs for lunch and snack containers, the use of grocery bags is a thing of the past as the ECOLunchbox are an even better choice. On top of being good for the environment by reducing waste, they also feature 3 compartments in one to avoid food getting mixed up and soggy. Do keep in mind however that these containers aren’t leak-proof and would be particularly better suited for dry foods (crackers, sandwiches etc.)

What do you think of the products at Well.ca? Share your thoughts with us on our Forum.

A Diamond Just Because – Save 20% At MyJewelryBox with the VC Exclusive

20% Off At My Jewelry Box

In the last couple of months, we have focused a lot on clothing and especially the launch of our new forum (which everyone is certainly encouraged to sign up for!), but don’t worry, we definitely haven’t forgotten jewelry. In fact, we have yet another incredible VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive for you: this time in the form of a whopping 20% off all orders at MyJewelryBox.com!

Exclusive MyJewelryBox.com CouponDetails: Enjoy 20% off all orders
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit MyJewelryBox.com here

As usual, we have also added this VC Exclusive to our list of coupons and promotions for MyJewelryBox.com.

Diamond Engagement RingLadies, is your significant other taking too long to pop the much anticipated question? The time of sitting back and anxiously waiting for that proposal to come is long overdue and I urge you to take initiative instead by showing this post to him or her. After all, wouldn’t the diamond engagement ring look absolutely wonderful in all its sparkling glory on your finger?

And considering sale prices are the best way to shop, anyone looking for an engagement ring should seriously consider the fact that while this ring retails at $700 because it’s actually an engagement and wedding band set made of 10K white gold, it can be acquired for just $269!

MultiColor Freshwater Pearl BraceletFor those still looking for Mister or Miss Right, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting quality jewelry for yourself. After all, why spend your hard earned money on plastic jewelry that you know will break that same week? Go instead with real jewelry, such as the beautiful multicolor freshwater pearl bracelet reduced to $49.99 down from its usual price of $120.

Comment below with your favorite pieces from MyJewelryBox.com!

Add Some ‘Pow’ to August with Free Shipping at Buffalo Jeans (A VC Exclusive!)

Free Shipping at Buffalo Jeans with VC Exclusive

Although many see the beginning of August as the end of Summer, fact of the matter is that there’s still a whole month left to take advantage of the sunny days! Celebrate Summer by taking advantage of our VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive for free shipping at Buffalo Jeans on all orders — after all, why pay shipping fees when you can add something extra to your shopping cart instead?

Exclusive Buffalo Jeans CouponDetails: Enjoy free shipping on all orders
Expires: 6th August, 2013
Visit Buffalo Jeans here

Driven JeansAs much as jeans can look amazing on their own, if the fit isn’t right, then nothing else matters. Unfortunately, it would seem that most guys simply buy any pair that looks about right, all the while completely forgetting to take into consideration the fit of the jeans with regards to their body type. It’s perhaps for this reason that Buffalo Jeans has so helpfully created the guy’s guide to denim, which is sure to be useful to many. Turns out that their Driven jeans is a straight fit suitable for all body types and and can be worn all day long from running errands to driving for success at the office. Luckily, it’s currently available at a reduced price of $99.99 instead of its usual $129.

Pow Nikki ShirtJust as the title suggests, add some ‘pow’ this month with the ‘Pow’ Nikki shirt. Discounted to $18.99, it’s sure to please, especially when gifted to the teenager in the family! Cropped tanks are particularly trendy at the moment and this one would surely be great to wear at a concert.

Granted, while this top wouldn’t particularly be appropriate for all occasions, the Blairy on the other hand, definitely would! In fact, pair it with the Natalia jacket and you’re sure to get loads of compliments at the office.

Have you signed up for our brand new forum yet? Let us know in one of the threads your past shopping experiences at Buffalo Jeans!

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