Protect Your PC and Save $5 Off ESET’s Multi-User Products

Eset $5 Off Multi-User Product

The importance of protecting one’s computer is as important as protecting your wallet from getting stolen outside. You wouldn’t want all of your data, documents and top secret files to be lost forever or potentially used by malicious software, now would you?

Take advantage of ESET’s special offer while it’s still available and save $5 off any multi-user ESET product.

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Expires: 30th September, 2013

In fact, did you know that ESET uses the unique threatsense technology in its protection from viruses?

As we delve deeper into the infinite world of technology, so with it comes an increase in the number of computers per household. The rapid expansion of social media use through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all the others has brought with it an increase in the demand of computers. Gone are the days of one computer being more than enough for the entire family as now each member of the family needs one.

For this reason alone perhaps, we suggest that you consider investing in ESET’s Smart Security with all-in-one Internet security, anti-theft and social media scanner and to be more precise: in their highest multi-user product.

On top of making sure that each PC (and potentially even the next one bought as well) is protected, it also comes out to being a far better deal than for say 2 PCs. If we compare a 2 year plan (which reduces the price by an additional 25%), then the price per PC are as follows:

  • 2 PCs: $52.50 per PC ($26.25 per year);
  • 5 PCs: $35.99 per PC ($17.99 per year).

Eset Smart Security

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