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Envirocare; Play to Win up to $3.50 in Coupons

There’s no doubt that you have either heard or have played Farmville or Castleville or one of the many spin-offs on Facebook; as well, as there’s no doubt you’re aware how popular they are (or how annoyed you get with all the requests from the games). Did you know you can now win coupons for Envirocare products via a game on Facebook? A Wheel of fortune type game nonetheless. While it may not be for everyone, I did it and I thought it as fun, so I’m sharing it.

Spin the Envirowheel (their version of the wheel from Wheel of fortune) to solve puzzles and for your chance to win coupons. As you spin, you earn points and bonuses and the chance to solve their puzzle. Also on the wheel, instead of those fancy grand cruises (which would be way better) that you can win when you land on certain spaces, you get a chance to win printable coupons or a donation of $5,000 to the ‘green cause’ of your choice. You can play as often as your heart desires, but you can only win one of each coupon level ($0.50, $1.00 or $2.00). Instead of watching your crops grow in Farmville, why not play this?

Click here to spin the Envirowheel and for your chance to win coupons. The contest closes July 26th, 2012 and it’s a nice way to procrastinate for 5 minutes.

Save $1 on Envirocare Products

This is the kind of product that we like. The Kruger Envirocare products are made using only recycled fibre and they are certified under the Environmental Choice program in Canada. If you are concerned about how your behaviour affects the environment and you want to make eco-friendly choices, buying Envirocare products is a good way to start.

And you don’t have to pay more for Envirocare items as you can now save $1 on any products by Cashmere, Purex, SpongeTowels or Scotties when using this coupon.

Envirocare Printable Coupon