Avoid It Being Sold Out – Order Your PS4 Now!

Taking into consideration that the PlayStation 4 was one of the most anticipated “toys” of the year since it was announced, it has been almost sold out everywhere since its release in December 2013. Based on this fact alone, we definitely suggest ordering it with The Source as soon as possible, especially since there is absolutely nothing to lose and best of all, no extra fees at all! The reason why I am suggesting this in the first place is that since the launch everywhere that has had them in stock has been selling them for inflated prices. but now the source is selling them for their recommended retail price of $399.99! But I’m sure they will sell out again fast, and this is the cheapest I’ve seen, so hurry.

For more of The Source’s deal, be sure to stay up-to-date with our page dedicated to their discounts.

Order the PS4 at The Source for $399.99
Expires: Not Provided

PS4 Bundle 2 ControllersAmong other incredible features, the PS4 has an 8-core processor and 8GB of RAM of ultra-crisp graphics, new dual shock controllers, a newly integrated share button allowing gamers to show off key gaming moment and much more — all within a sleeker looking console.

In fact, a cool new aspect was also recently announced with relation to the PS4: PlayRoom. Designed to interact with the player, it creates a truly immersive experience as tiny robots come to life right onto the screen with each swipe or wave made in front of the controller’s screen.

PS4 KnackAlthough the PS4 console can be bought with just 1 controller for $399.99, we suggest bundling it with two controllers for $459.98 since let’s face it, playing 2 players is much funner!

When the PS4 was first revealed at a press conference in February 2013, so came with it a demonstration of a brand new game: Knack, the graphics of which clearly demonstrate the PlayStation 4’s capabilities and quite frankly, its amazingness.

$50 off Kindle Fire HD on Cyber Monday 2013 Only

Kindle Fire HD

I’ve been eying up either a Kobo Glo or a Kindle Paperweight as a gift for my girlfriend this Christmas. I own a Paperweight myself and think its brilliant for what I want it for. Normally I wouldn’t have given the Kindle Fire much of a look in, as I am really looking for an eReader right now. But my girlfriend could also do with a tablet, because, quite frankly, she uses my smart phone way too much, and it’s gotten to the point where I want to get her a device just so she will leave mine alone–I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

So this is essentially what the Kindle Fire HD does, it’s an eReader and a tablet. While I think it’s slightly inferior to the iPad mini and again not as good an eReader as say a Paperweight (mostly due to the backlight issue and e-ink being easier on the eye) it does cross off both of the items on her wish list in one foul swoop. Of course I wouldn’t even be considering this option if it weren’t for the amazing offer Amazon ($50 off) is giving away today, making the 7″ version remarkably more affordable. So if you’re in the market for a tablet this winter season for yourself or as a gift then this might be right up your street.

Details: $50 off Kindle Fire HD 7″ 16GB on Cyber Monday only
Expires: 2nd December, 2013
Visit the Kindle Fire Sale here

Will you be getting one on Cyber Monday? Have any Feedback?

Xbox One $50 off the Complete Bundle (Canada only)

Xbox One $50 off the Complete Bundle

Full disclosure, I will be getting the PS4 (I’ll probably give potential buyers some tips once I have done my research, so watch out for that) but….. the Xbox One does look like a real next gen gaming system. I have a lot of friends who work for game development companies so I have been hearing trickles of information about the consoles for a while now, of course they need to have access to the machines a good year and a half before consumers do, so that games can actually be developed for them. I heard the Xbox One controller has had a few noticeable but subtle upgrades (the predecessor was already the champion of controllers in many gamers eyes) and the accuracy of the connect has seen a lot of improvement, as well as some fairly significant processing and memory upgrades. All these changes have resulted in a decent upgrade from the Xbox 360, while many say it’s not as ground breaking as previous machines what we have to remember is that most of the launch games don’t really do the console justice, I think we will have to wait a good year until we see what the machine is really capable of after developers have had a chance to really get their teeth into it–and all the hubbub of the ‘always on’ controversy is over and done with. Personally I think that Titanfall (which will not be released on the PS4–owing to an exclusive deal) when released in Q1-2 of 2014 will be amazing, if this game was released with the Xbox One on launch day the console war might have shifted tides, watch out for the launch.

As you can see, I quite often get sidetracked when I’m interested about a subject. What I wanted to originally focus on was the deal that Microsoft sent us through late last night. Apologies for customers who have already pre-ordered, and ones that are not based in Canada, this is for new customers only. The original price for the console was $749.95, but with this special $50 off instant discount (basically the page linked below) it is now only $699.95, customers also have the option of actually building their bundle and choosing the games they want (from those currently available).

If customers buy a Xbox One with the complete bundle, they can save $50 (limited time only & only from the Microsoft store)
Expires: Limited time only (please check the post date of this offer as a guide)

Save on Savings with an Extra 30% Off at The Source

The Source Save on Savings

Let’s face it, the price of electronics seems to be steadily increasing and it’s becoming hard to justify spending outrageous amounts just to have the next best thing. Shop instead during The Source’s Save on Savings event to save up to an extra 30% on absolutely everything, including sale and clearance items.

Stay up-to-date with all of The Source’s latest promotions with our page dedicated to their deals.

Details: Save up to an extra 30% off site-wide
Expires: 13th October 2013
Visit The Source here

Wireless SpeakersAre you looking for little speakers with amazing sound quality for this summer’s bar-b-queues? Take a look at Instudio Rockhampton’s wireless speakers*, which come down to $84.99. With a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5, you won’t need to worry about accidentally splashing water on them since they’re waterproof!
*Disclaimer: iPod or iPhone not included.

In case you have been shopping around for an easy-to-use camera, then the Canon deluxe kit might just be perfect! On top of including the amazing Canon EOS Rebel T3i, which features the newest DIGIC 4 image processor and a 18.0MP camera, it also comes with a 55-250mm lens, a bag, a t-shirt, an SDHC memory card and a mono pad and reduced to $691.56, it’s definitely worth it, especially since its original price is of $1,199.99!

Canon Deluxe Kit

How will you be saving on savings?

Accessorize For 15% Less at the Canon eStore with the VC Exclusive

VoucherCodes.ca Canon Exclusive

Electronic devices can often require a bit of budgeting to get them, but what do you do once you finally have the much anticipated item? Accessorize it! For a limited time, take advantage of our VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive and save 15% off accessories at Canon.

As usual, don’t forget to check our Canon store page next time you’re looking to save at their all-encompassing eStore.

Exclusive Canon Canada CouponDetails: Enjoy 15% off accessories (excl. ink, toner or paper)
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit Canon Canada eStore here

Remote SwitchWith Instagram all the rage now, simplify your picture taking with the remote switch which acts as a shutter release button and features a 2-foot long cable. Granted you’ll be needing an actual camera for this handy accessory but it’s definitely well worth it, especially for those family gatherings where someone is always left out of the picture.

SX Series II Leather CaseAs far as camera accessories go, a durable case is also particularly vital because at the price that certain cameras cost, you’ll definitely want to protect it from anything: whether rain, snow, sand, cold air, etc. The leather case on the right definitely won’t disappoint with its material that is certain to last a number of years. Though this one is specifically designed for the SX II series of cameras, it could potentially serve as the perfect case for other models — simply take a moment to compare dimensions.

Which accessory from Canon are you most in need of?

Save up to 30% Off Everything During the Friends and Family Event at The Source

Save up to 30% at The Source

Fall season means much more than just the leaves changing color and kids going back to school, it also means that it’s time for big and rare sales. The Source is throwing their annual Friends and Family event and turns out that we are all on the guest list. Our The Source coupon page has doubled in visitors since we put up a code where you can save up to 30% off, even on sale prices! Here’s the code again below:

Details: Get up to 30% off, even on sale prices
Expires: 15th September, 2013
Visit The Source here

This party is also happening in-stores, so pick up the printable version here. If you want to save paper and you have a mobile phone, you can also show them this digital coupon to get the same awesome deal. I wish more stores offered these.

Computer WreathBesides picking up loads of random electronic component pieces to make an epic Christmas wreath, you can also save on some much needed items most of us often overlook. Batteries are an amazing example, as well as those pesky adapters and HDMI cables that we almost never have just lying around the house. Take this chance to stock up on these kind of items, since they are both 30% off.

I’ve always been a fan of the Apple EarPods with remote and mic and I will gladly pay $54.99 for them as I think their quality is superb. Everything in the headphone category is also 30% off, so they drop down to $24.49 for an even more appealing price.

Shipping is $4.99 or you can get it shipped for free to your local store for easy pick-up.

Save While You Can with the Microsoft Store: Xbox One Day One, Surface RT Bundles and more!

Microsoft Store Deals

Who doesn’t love saving on fantastic electronics? Hurry to do just that while you still can at the Microsoft Store with up to $100 off Surface tablets and accessories along with one of the last chances to pre-order the Xbox One Day One edition.

Shop at the Microsoft Store
Expires: Not Provided

Xbox OneNow or never is the time to get an Xbox One Day One as the Microsoft Store is one of its last sellers! This special edition includes: a commemorative controller, an exclusive achievement and a special-edition packaging. Secure your very own new Xbox console by pre-ordering it now and only paying for it when it hits stores in November 2013. UPDATE The Xbox One Day One Edition mentioned above is sold-out at the moment, instead you can still pre-order the standard Xbox One.

Don’t forget that a number of changes have recently been implemented towards the Xbox One, most notably that it will allow for more controllers to be enabled at the same time (up to 8), used games may be sold and it will not need to be connected to the internet on a daily basis.

Surface RTLast time I mentioned how you can save $100 off the Surface and while this deal is still available, you can also save $50 on all Surface RT bundles which include the Surface RT along with a black touch cover starting at $399. For those who already have a Surface Touch, then be sure to add the Surface Touch Cover while it’s reduced to $79.99 (original priced at $119).

Do you have a tablet? Share with us your thoughts on it on our forum.

Future Shop’s VIP Sale – One Day & In-Stores Only!

Attention all those shopping the back to school sales, Future Shop is holding a VIP sale on August 29th 2013 with great reductions in a number of categories from which you’re bound to at least find one item that will interest you!
Pencil it into your schedule now because this event is in-stores and one day only!

According to the sneak peak, their back to school deals will include:

  • Up to $250 off on laptops
  • $80 off the Kobo Arc 16GB 7″ tablet
  • Up to $100 off on select HP desktops and all-in-ones
  • All iPods, headphones, & major appliances are on sale
  • 20% off HBO TV shoes
  • And many others!

This is certainly not an event to be missed although keep in mind that it’s in-stores only!

Will you be swinging by the nearest Future Shop tomorrow?

Save with Canon’s Back To School Specials: Up to 50% Off A Printer, Camera and More!

Canon eStore Back to School Specials

With the first day of school having already started or beginning soon, it’s not too late to shop back-to-school specials! In fact, shop at Canon’s eStore to save up to 50% off printers, cameras, ink cartridges and more!

Speaking of which, have you seen our list of the best back to school deals for 2013?

Enjoy up to 50% off at Canon’s eStore
Expires: While Supplies Last

Pixma All-In-One PrinterAn absolute essential for student life, a good printer can serve to print assignments, study guides and perhaps even comics to read late at night. Considering they can be quite pricey, now is definitely the time to invest in a new printer, especially since the Pixma MX722 All-In-One Printer has been reduced by 50% at Canon. Originally priced at $179.99, it can be yours for just $89.99, which is a rather incredible deal for a Wi-Fi printer that prints at a speed of 15 black and 10 color pages per minute.

Canon EOS Rebel T3ILikewise, maybe the student in your family (or you!) may need an ultra-sharp camera to record all of the best moments of the year. The EOS Rebel T3I is an easy-to-use camera with an 18.0 megapixel CMOS image sensor and full HD video recording. Though it has been discounted in price because of damages to the box, the camera itself is certain to be fully operational and really, who needs the box anyways?

Do you have any Canon products? Post your review of them on our Forum!

Jaw-Dropping Back To School Deals at The Source: Hurry Before It’s Too Late!

The Source Back To School Events

With back to school deals like there’s no tomorrow, The Source has truly turned into a one-stop shopping experience for everything tech and school related. On top of offering plenty of back to school specials such as $70 off band name laptops, 50% off select cameras and even up to $150 off dorm-sized Samsung TVs, there’s also the opportunity to receive $25 when you spend $100 or more!

Details: Spend $100 and get $25 on your next purchase
Expires: 26th August 2013
Visit The Source here

Samsung UltrabookUltra thing laptops are all the rage right now especially among students. Beyond looking ultra-cool, they also allow for more room in a backpack, especially when you factor in all those chem books you need to cram in and bring home to study every single day. The Samsung NP900X4D Ultrabook is particularly eye-catching because on top of its reduced price of just $849.96 (down from $1,099.99), it features a 15″ screen with an i5 processor and a 4GB DDR3 memory. Get it now before it’s too late!

Samsung LED Smart HDTVFor those about to spend several months in a dorm the size of a shoebox, you’re definitely going to need a Samsung LED Smart HDTV to occupy your time and fill up the empty walls! Either way, you know you’re going to want to stay up to date with Under The Dome, Dexter and Breaking Bad! If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then keep in mind that it has generated 5 stars out of 5 with a total of 16 reviews and the price is actually the best part: originally priced at $649, it is now discounted to $369.99!

What’s your favorite TV show?

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