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We’ve found this eBeauty coupon code in our mailbox this morning and we wanted to make sure that our users wouldn’t be missing the latest offer from one of our favorite health and beauty online store. Until the end of November use this discount code to get 15% off any purchase at eBeauty.ca, no minimum spent requirements.

And as eBeauty ships from Canada, forget about the handling and duty fees and simply pay your taxes and shipping fees if applicable. Delivery is free on purchases of $25 or more, so it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid extra fees on your order.

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I don’t have 20 different lotions and moisturizers in my pharmacy. But I like to have only a few products that are good quality, which could be quite expensive of course. This is why I’m always comparing the prices online with what I can find at my local pharmacy. And from what I was able to compare, eBeauty.ca seems to be really competitive with other similar stores, especially because they are shipping from Canada.