Free Coffee at Starbucks for Earth Day

StarbucksToday to celebrate Earth Day, Starbucks is giving free brewed coffee to all customers that show up with a reusable mug. It’s a really nice initiative from Starbucks which I hope will sensitize people to the usage of reusable mugs instead of paper cups. It’s crazy how much paper is wasted each year due to the usage of paper cups. Back in 2006 Starbucks estimated that they were using about 2.3 billion of paper cups per year. And they now estimate that if only 50 people every day at each Starbucks would use reusable mugs, they could save 150,000 paper cups per day which would help reducing the paper waste by 1.7 million pounds per year.

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Earth Day 2011

Earth Day 2011If you want to learn more about Earth Day 2011, have a look at their website where you will find the nearest local event, where you can volunteer for activities close to where you live or you can simply donate to the cause. If you’ve done anything to reduce your environmental impact on the Earth that you’re particularly proud of, you can also share it with others.

Go to the Earth Day 2011 online site