Buy One and Get One Free On Best Sellers at E.L.F Cosmetics

BOGO on Best Sellers at E.L.F

Best sellers are the cream of the crop for a reason; in the case of E.L.F cosmetics, they offer durable and long lasting wear for a fraction of the price. Forget about reapplying your eye shadow a couple of times a day and powdering your face in concealer for the 10th time! For a limited time, pick up any item in the bestseller category and get another one for free.

You are encouraged, however, to check out the E.L.F cosmetic coupon page as many times as you’d like for other offers if this one isn’t to your liking.

Details: Buy one, get one free on anything in the best seller category
Expires: 2nd September 2012
Visit E.L.F cosmetics here here

Blue Makeup at E.L.FI am itching to get my hands on some of their other products, their eye shadow is top of my wish list. I have some of their matte and mineral shadows at home and–here’s where some technical terms come out–they blend super well and are highly pigmented so they don’t require a base like others. For only $3 each, that’s a huge steal and it’s even better with this BOGO offer.

Don’t forget to pick up some brushes while you are at it and sneak a peak at their bronzers; I have friends that swear by it.

Who Wants 8 Free Nail Polishes for Free From E.L.F Cosmetics? (w/purchase)

Free Nail polish from E.L.F

It’s been too long since I painted my nails and put some funky colour on them. After seeing this deal for 8 free nail polishes when you spend $20 or more on our E.L.F cosmetics page, I’m slowly getting the urge to start wearing bright blue polish again.

Details: 8 Free Nail Polishes when you spend $20 or more
Expires: 27th August, 2012
Visit E.L.F Cosmetics here

Fun Nail Polish The great part about this deal is that you can pick and choose what colors you want and it includes the clear nail coat as well. This is a $16 value and it’s yours for almost nothing. The colder temperatures are coming in Canada, so why not look into the darker shades and maybe pick up a glitter polish while you’re at it so you can have some sparkle.