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Become The Ultimate Girl On The Go with A Free Kit w/Purchase from E.L.F Cosmetics

Free gift with purchase at E.l.f cosmetics

I hear you ladies –it’s hard in the morning before dashing out the door to apply your makeup perfectly like the pros do it. I’m like you, where my coffee has more importance in my morning routine over anything else. E.L.F cosmetics have the solution for our on-the-go lifestyles and it’s in the form of a nifty collection worth over $200.

To sweeten this deal, it’s yours for free when you spend $20 or more. Deals like this should make you just want to hug the E.L.F Cosmetics coupon page with sheer joy!

Details: Girl on the go collection for free when you spend $20 or more
Expires: 4th February, 2013
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Elf Cosmetics Item Designed to fit into the over-sized purse of your dreams, this collection comes with everything needed to make you feel fresh and pretty with little effort. The stars of the collection are the two eyeshades collections: the warm and cool colors, for a total of 96 different shades that can be play around with.

Top it off with all the brushes anyone can need, along with lip gloss, primer, eyeliner and mascara. It goes even further by adding a pack of Shea lotion wipes to keep your skin irresistibly smooth.

It’s easy to pick up $20 worth of products and to still get even more bang for your buck. Check out their nail polish and grab the funkiest color you can find.

How daring are you going to get with your makeup?

Pick up Some Must-haves from E.L.F Cosmetics and Save 50% Off

50% off Best-Sellers at E.L.F Cosmetics

Here’s a conundrum for you: you want to pick up something from E.L.F Cosmetics but you’re at a loss as to what to choose from among the vast selection of items and tools that are laid before you. Well, we can’t help you choose what to buy but we can let you know that yet again E.L.F are making it easier to choose between 2 items, simply buy both as customers can save 50% off anything in the best-seller category.

Details: Get 50% off everything in the best seller category
Expires: 5th November, 2012
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Looking to save even more? Check out the Endless Eyes Pro Eye shadow Palette that is a steal at $10. Valued at $100, it comes with 100 colors in all kinds of shades under the rainbow.ELF Makeup

With the single item, you’ll be able to create casual, work appropriate styles and dark, smoky and sultry looks for night. For only $5 with the discount code, you can’t go wrong! Make sure to check out the 11-piece brush kit at $15 after the rebate if you want to pair your new toy with something.

Shipping is a bit costly for Canada, coming in at a flat rate of $14.95. Now might be the time to call in that favor and get your friends to make a joint order with you.

Have All the Tools you Need with This 83-Piece Makeup Kit from E.L.F Cosmetics

E.L.F 83-piece kit for less

It’s not always clear what tools you need to start a small arsenal of makeup, so if you don’t think ahead the total amount could be overwhelming. If you have a dream of becoming a renowned makeup artist or you need more than just a couple of items, then start with this 83-piece kit from E.L.F cosmetics. Right now, when you spend $25 or more, you can get this kit for only $3.50 instead of $35; that’s a saving of 90%!

We have plenty of other codes listed on our E.L.F cosmetics coupon page and are constantly updating it with other great deals when we are updated by them.

Details: 83-Piece Makeup palette for only $3.50 when you spend $25 or more
Expires: 1st October, 2012
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Neat MakeupWith practice and patience, you’ll be able to create eye-popping designs like this!

Years back, I had a kit exactly like this one and it was a good base to get started. Just like the palette available on discount now, it also included a ton of eye shadow and lip-glosses, so much so that I had an endless possibility of combinations to experiment with. If you were to buy all of these items separately it could run you up to a bill as much as $250! This is a tremendous discount and something you shouldn’t pass up, if in the market for them anyway.

To get this offer, make sure you have $25 or more in your cart and add the palette as well. Punch in the code and you’ll be on your way to makeup heaven.
If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the Youtube page of Xsparkage, a self-confessed makeup junkie. She gives tutorials on how to make some basic, but awesome looks when it comes to makeup.