dover spa

Dove Spa Get a $50 Gift Card when you buy one for $100

dove spa

Dove Spa is offering up the goods with this promotion. If you buy a gift card for $100CAD they will give you a free $50 gift card, not bad huh? This promotion will last until they decide they have lost out too much, so hurry. The promotion for Dove Spa is valid online as well as in store, although there are currently only 2 locations in Canada in Oakville & Toronto.

For all the details on this promotion go to the Dove Spa promotion page here. Or if you are lucky enough to live near any of the 2 locations go to the store locator.

If you want to buy the gift card online Dove note they will include the free gift card in your purchase, but it won’t show up in your shopping cart, just when you receive your order.