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Doubleday CanadaUpdate: Unfortunately Doubleday’s online store isn’t live anymore.
Love them or hate them book clubs are here to stay. The choice of online book clubs is growing, in Canada we have a group called Doubleday which have quite a number of websites catering for different book genres from healthy living to romance novels and thrillers. As the image to the left suggests you can now get a free book at, which is valid from today until 22-Sep-2009 (Purchase a minimum of $13.99 to get your free book).

If you are looking for books on crafts, from cooking to knitting then you can’t go wrong with this pretty little promotion; 3 books for $3, simply go to Crafterschoice to get the offer redeemed.

And then of course we have the ultimate offer; choose 5 books for only $1 by joining the Doubleday book club, they will even throw in a free book.

Remember to check out our Doubleday Coupons page which is updated regularly for the latest online book promotions