D’italiano canada

D’Italiano Canada Progressive Coupon

This one is kinda weird, but it’s an offer where everyone wins! D’Italiano Canada has started this massive Facebook campaign for their new Briz­zo­lio Soft Rolls (which look amazing when used as Hamburger buns) and are offering a potential buy one, get one free coupon. Why potential? Because it all depends on how often it gets shared amongst people on Facebook. When they reach 10,00 shares, they will send a Buy one, get one free coupon to all who had registered.

But why does everyone win? Because currently it’s at 6,000 shares and the current coupon they are going to send out is a $1.25 coupon. So no matter what, everyone that registered is going to be getting a coupon of some sort. All you have to do is head over to their Facebook page, register and start sharing with everyone you know. There isn’t a deadline posted, so like every Facebook freebie, don’t wait to sign up. And don’t forget, you may want to use your second FB profile for this one.

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