Disney Movie Rewards Codes

Disney Movie Rewards Codes

Disney Movie Rewards CodesHere is a quick code to get your hands on some free Disney Movie Rewards. The code get’s you 50 points that can be redeemed, and there is also a link where you can get more free points from Disney.

Points: 50
Code: 9EKSMN38SH

→ Click here to get 50 free point for learning about Disney on Blu-ray

Basically, the Movie Disney Rewards system is meant to enable Disney enthusiasts to earn special points when purchasing Blu-rays & DVDs, eligible Disney theatrical releases and Disney CD releases. Plus, this is a great website to stay updated with Disney movies releases. In other words, this a great promotional tool meant to create a certain loyalty between Disney and its young customers.

Obviously, this website will most likely appeal to kids and then to their parents. Also, it is a great way for people to keep in touch with what could interest the kids in their lives so they know what to give them or which movies they should go see with them.