Diablo 3

Get $20 off Diablo 3 and get back to Questing

Halt! An NPC with a Yellow exclamation mark pops up in front of you with an available quest. Your quest: to pick up a copy of Diablo 3 from TigerDirect. If the quest is completed, you get a loot bag with a $20 Mail-in rebate for the game. Embark on your journey through the land of Tristam to defeat the nefarious Diablo yourself and save money in the process!

The game itself retails at $60 so, with the mail-in rebate, you’ll be getting this popular game for only $39.99; quite a steal and you don’t need to be a rogue to get this steal! I agree with you, that the cooldown period–or the wait period, in normal speech–of 8-10 weeks is a bit long for my taste, but $20 is nothing to shake a troll’s tusk at.

The rebate only applies to items purchased between July 26th and August 25th, so don’t delay.

For the Horde!
Wait, that’s the wrong Blizzard game.

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