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DFS Direct Promo Code for 33% Off Dell Computers

Dell Financial Services have released two promo codes in celebration of Canada Day and customers could save up to 33% by using them. The first code can be used on purchases of $250 or more of Latitude laptops and Optiplex desktops while the second one is to get 15% off all other lease item orders.

If you want to get a good computer but you are operating on a tight budget, DFSdirect.ca is a solid option. It is the Dell store that sells refurbished off-lease Dell computers and accessories. They all come with a 100 day limited warranty and a 30-day total satisfaction return policy. When using a code to buy a computer from DFS Direct, it means that you’ll save even more on a machine that is already cheaper. As long as you don’t need to peel the plastic protective cover off your computer and you don’t mind potentially dealing with a couple of scratches these machines are a bargain.

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Coupon: Take 33% off lease Latitude laptops and Optiplex desktops of $250 or more.
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Coupon: Get 15% off other lease items with this promotion code.