Last Day To Take Advantage of Dell Canada’s PC Sale

With back to school looming around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about PCs to facilitate the task of writing papers and researching seemingly impossible to solve math questions. Luckily, there’s one day left to Dell Canada’s 4-Day PC sale with up to 25% off popular laptops and desktops!

Shop Dell’s 4-Day PC Sale
Expires: 28th July, 2013

XPS 8700 DesktopAmong the PCs available is the XPS 8700 Desktop, which has been dropped in price by $175 to $699.99. Featuring a 1GB hard drive, 4th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of memory, it’s a particularly powerful choice for anyone looking to run multiple programs or perhaps just for gaming.

Inspiron 15r Non TouchAs far as laptops go, the Inspiron 15r Non Touch at $499 instead of $669.99 is definitely worth considering, especially for students as it’s a particularly great choice for the casual Internet user — such as for browsing the net, playing Candy Crush or tweeting about celebs. All jokes aside, it’s a solid laptop that is sure to pack in a couple years of trustworthy work, school or casual related activities.

Don’t worry if you happen to miss this sale as we frequently update our Dell page of their best deals.

Slide into Summer with Dell’s Victoria Day Sale: Up to 50% Off

Dell Victoria Day Sale

Although Victoria Day celebrates a queen long passed, the times have undeniably changed and what better way to celebrate the changing times than with electronics from Dell? Take heed of our advice on what to do during the May Long Week-End and go on an online shopping spree with up to 50% off electronics during Dell’s Victoria Day Sale.

Celebrate Victoria Day by saving at Dell Canada
Expires: 24th May, 2013

Let’s face it: upon deciding to get a laptop, most people think to themselves that the new device is an investment, good for a couple of years. The thing is that with the constantly evolving nature of electronics, there’s no such thing as “investing” into a laptop because within the year, a better one comes out or sales such as Dell’s roll around.

Inspiron 15R Special Edition

If you can’t even remember when you got your laptop, then the time has come for a new one and the Inspiron 15R Special Edition should most definitely magically end up in your shopping cart.

Reduced to $799.99 and with 4 stars out of 5 — what are you waiting for?

Bose HeadsetsAmong a variety of other deals, you can also save on earphones such as with the Bose Headsets featured on the right. On sale for $125.99, they have been designed with enhanced acoustics for a smoother listening experience.

Do your plans for Victoria Day include online shopping?

Save Up to $150 with Special Coupons from VC’s Partnership with Dell Canada

Dell-VC Deals

In partnership with Dell Canada, is proud to announce a variety of new ways to help you save even more on ALL Home and Home Office Laptops and Desktops, along with electronics and accessories.

View all of the Dell-VC Special Coupons
Expires: limited quantities

Dell XPS8500Featured at $649.99, the Dell XPS 8500 is a powerful desktop computer that is sure to satisfy most needs, especially when it comes to watching high-quality TV shows and movies as it comes with high-performance graphics. With a 3rd Generation Intel Core and up to 3.10 GHz, it can be yours for only $18/month.

This desktop computer is definitely a solid choice, especially considering the fact that at close to 650 reviews at the time of writing these lines, it had generated a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. Even better is that you can save $25 with our exclusive coupon as it applies on desktop computers priced $599.99 and up.

Alienware TactX KeyboardThere is also a coupon that will allow you to save $15 on a bundle of Home and Home Office electronics and accessories. This means that if you’re in need of a new keyboard to go with the desktop computer mentioned above and perhaps even an external hard drive to store all of your movies, then adding the Alienware TactX Keyboard along with the My Book 2TB external hard drive will grant you the discount. This offer applies to any bundled products totalling $99.99 or more.

Don’t miss your chance to save as supplies are limited.

Quick! Don’t Miss Your Chance to Save on Various Electronics During Dell’s 4-Day Sale

Dell 4-Day Sale

Though it feels like just recently that we wrote about one of Dell’s amazing promotions, they’ve having yet another sale! For 4 days only, you can save on a variety of electronics at Dell.

Don’t forget to use the code below from our Dell coupons page to save on laptops and desktop computers:

Details: Save an extra 5% on Home & Home Office laptops and desktops
Expires: 11th April, 2013
Visit Dell here

TRENDnet CameraIn today’s digitally-enhanced age, there’s no reason to skip on utilizing home surveillance means for general peace of mind. Personally, I would want to use the TRENDnet internet camera to check if my cat claws the couch while I’m away as I have this nagging suspicion that it’s a free for all when the house is empty, but others may use it as a baby monitor or perhaps to make sure that the nanny is doing a good job. Granted the last part may be slightly invasive, but when it comes to your household and your things, you can never be too safe!

The best part about this camera is that it works via a wireless internet connection and even provides the option to set recording schedules, email alerts and a variety of other interesting features. For only $59.99 and down from $119, that results in close to 50% in savings.

Dell Wireless MouseFor its reduced price of $19.99, the wireless mouse is most definitely a worthy choice, especially considering its full price of $35.99. Though it lacks software, the mouse’s ease of motion and ideal size has spurred a number of positive reviews online. It could serve as a great mouse for browsing the net while lounging on the couch (assuming your computer is connected to the TV).

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Save Loads with Dell’s Daily Webcrasher Until April 4th, 2013

Dell Daily Webcrashers

It’s a given that shopping at a physical store the moment that you need something can be more convenient in terms of not having to wait, but if you’re on a budget, it’s often best to just wait it out and better yet, shop online such as during Dell’s Daily Webcrasher deals. Every day during the first week of April 2013, Dell will be making available a different set of markdowns to help users save on the items they need the most.

Shop the Daily Webcrasher deals at Dell
Expires: 4th April, 2013

Dell UltraSharp monitorThe biggest deciding factor when it comes to the Dell UltraSharp monitor, discounted to $249.99 from $369.99, is that with 121 reviews at the moment of writing this, it averaged at 4.4 stars out of 5 — a rather remarkable rating considering the amount of reviews!

In any case, it’s still a great choice, not only because of the price, but also because it’s a 24″ widescreen monitor with high quality graphics that are easy on the eyes. Its flexibility is also worth noting as it has an almost unlimited range of tilt, pivot and height adjustments.

Dell Messenger BagPerhaps you just purchased a 17″ laptop and you have been shopping around for a new bag? No worries, the messenger bag will most certainly fit all your needs, especially at its discounted price of $19.99!

Just like our Dell coupons page, Dell has a variety of other deals that are all worth a look. How will you be saving during this fabulous week?