David’s Tea freebie

Free Tea of the Day at David’s Tea on Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, which yearly falls on April 22nd, David’s Tea is offering customers the chance to get free tea at any of its locations. Since they won’t be giving out actual cups of free tea to remain as environmentally friendly as possible during this big day, be sure to bring a travel mug or tumbler in order to enjoy a free tea of the day.

Though they have an ongoing promotion where a $0.50 rebate is applied upon the refill of a tea tin, in honor of Earth Day, David’s Tea has upped the ante by offering double the rebate (a rebate of $1) until April 22nd, 2013.

Use the store locator to find the nearest David’s Tea store.

Free David's Tea

Enjoy a free cup of tea from David’s Tea on April 22nd 2013.

Enjoy a Free David’s Tea Today

Today on February 29th, it is free tea day in all David’s Tea stores. That’s right, show up in any location and get a free large tea! No secret sentence to be mentioned or no coupon to be showed. Each store will have two flavours available that you can choose from, we don’t know which ones yet as it’s meant to be a surprise.

I only recently tasted David’s Tea because I got a sample box at Valentine’s day and I need to say that I’m now addicted. If you know someone who likes tea, then a sample box which contains a bunch of different flavours can make a really nice gift. So far I’ve tried only 3 different ones, but they were all excellent. I normally always have a tea after dinner instead of desert, because it contains a lot less calories.

So for sure I’m going to head to the closest David’s Tea tomorrow after lunch and enjoy a large hot tea. Let us know which flavour you tried?