A Whopping 1 Month Free Membership at Curves

Normally Curves only offer a 7-day free trial. So a 30-day free trial is awesome. Unfortunately for me this offer is only valid for the ladies. It ends on May 20th, 2012, after which it returns to the previous offer.

I’ll give you a quick rundown of Curves, but if you want the full low-down, check out this dieting website’s review. I didn’t intend to, but I read the whole of their page, because god they know their stuff.

In nut shell, Curves is a gym (for women only – which is wrong if you ask me, but great if you ask my girlfriend). They have gyms all over the world but mostly in North America. And they are franchises, so they have a familiar vibe without being blue-prints of each other. Their claim to fame is that their workout sessions (yes, you are with lots of other sweaty ladies) last only 30 minutes and it’s circuit training, so you get to use a wide variety of machines and go through a ton of exercises, which means a whole body workout, rather than focusing on specific areas. Curves is all about the socialness of the event, if you could turn a tea house into a gym it would be curves (for the good or the bad).

I also saw an advert a few months ago that said they had teamed up with Zumba Fitness, so perhaps you can ditch your dancing and workout classes and just do the Curves/Zumba one instead. Actually, that may be lazy, which defeats the point.

T&C’s: “Limit of one 30 day free membership per person. Not valid with any other offer, no cash value. New members only. Valid only at participating locations in US & Canada. Offer expires 20th May 2012”

1 Week Free Trial at Curves

Wants and Wishes CanadaCurves Gym and fitness in Canada is giving away a 1 week free trial pass to their facilities at alot of participating locations in Canada. So for people wanting to try out Curves or simply a gym this is a great time. This promotion is only open to new members, so if you are a passed member then unfortunately you can’t use this promo.

Click here for details on claiming your free pass

T&C’s: “Burn up to 500 calories with our 30-minute workout, which combines strength training and cardio for a workout that works your entire body, from head to toe. It works every major muscle group and gives you results that last. You also get the total support of our trainers. Give it a try today, and we’ll give you one week FREE. No contracts. No commitments. Just fill out the form to get your FREE one week pass today.

* Free week may be redeemed on first visit or exchanged for special membership discount. Not valid with any other offer. New Members only. Valid only at participating locations in the US and Canada. © 2010 Curves International, Inc.”