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Creative Labs Coupon Code – Expired!

Creative Labs CanadaThe nice team at (Creative Labs) have provided a new coupon code for customers to get $20 off, see the code below and visit the site for more details.

“Creative makes some pretty good digital entertainment products for the personal computers and the Internet. They are probably most famous for its Sound Blaster. Creative is now driving digital entertainment forward on the PC platform with products like the award-winning Zen and MuVo Personal Audio Players.”
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Creative Labs Canada Sale

Creative Labs CanadaCreative Labs is now having its New Year’s Hi-Fi Audio Sale, which means you can now save up to $150 on selected products and get free shipping on orders over $25. There are some really cool products available in this promotion, for example there are speakers, earphones and mp3 players at great prices.

Click Here to Enjoy Creative Lab’s New Year’s Hi-Fi Audio Sale

List of products available during this promotion:
– ZEN X-Fi2 32GB Deluxe Bundle – Save $40 – On Sale for $249.96;
– ZEN X-Fi2 16GB Deluxe Bundle – Save $40 – On Sale for $199.96;
– ZEN X-Fi2 8GB Deluxe Bundle – Save $30 – On Sale for $159.96;
– Sound Blaster Wireless + GigaWorks T20W – Save $79.99 – On Sale for $149.99;
– X-Fi Surround 5.1 + Inspire T6160 – Save $40 – On Sale for $99.99;
– Aurvana Air Earphones – Save $100 – On Sale for $99.99;
– Inspire S2 Wireless – Save $40 – On Sale for $109.99;
– Creative Xdock – Save $50 – On Sale for $29.99.

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