Be a Kid Again and Win Prizes Hourly from Crayola

I won’t deny; this contest peaked my interest when I saw it. I had bins and bins of crayola crayons when I was a kid and spent a bunch of time coloring. I also had some unfortunate run-ins with suspicious traces of crayola markers on my walls and I somehow never knew how they got there. You believe me when I say it wasn’t me…right?

Crayola has paired up with Energizer and they are giving away crayola prizes hourly via Facebook. There’s a total of 57 different products to be won and one is made available each hour. There’s a convenient listing on their page that describes the items and when exactly they will be available. Each hour, you are eligible for one entry but there are additional chances for extra hourly entries. Those options being:

  • Opt-in to the Energizer newsletter and get a bonus 3 entries each time you play.
  • Opt-in to the Crayola newsletter and get a bonus 3 entries each time you play.
  • Finding bonus pin numbers that are periodically announced on their list of sites that are also involved.

I haven’t touched my crayola crayons in years(in fact, I’m not sure where they are) but I’m getting tempted to enter this contest a few times just to pick up gifts for my nieces and nephews. What do you plan on trying to win?