Crate&Barrel Will be Shipping to Canada

Crate and BarrelThis is fantastic news for all the Crate&Barrel fans out there! I just found out that Crate and Barrel’s website is going to be shipping to Canada, as soon as in March or April this year. I like this home decor and furniture store but unfortunately there is none located close to where I live so I can’t wait for them to ship to Canada. Let’s hope that shipping fees won’t be too expensive and let’s keep our fingers crossed that they will release coupon codes to get free shipping on our orders.

I just had a look at what they have as outdoor furniture because I’m looking to buy new stuff for this year and I found some beautiful things. Let’s hope they will launch their Canadian shipping option in March rather than in April, so that I’ll have the time to shop what they have before summer time. Anyway, you can be sure that we’ll keep you posted as soon as Crate & Barrel ships to Canada. In the meantime, you can still check out what they have by browsing the collection on their US site.

Browse Crate & Barrel collection here