Discount Codes; Up to $30 off

As previously mentioned in this post I did the other day, I have a friend that’s a chef and adores cooking. It just so happens that this friend is also one of the people I’m moving in with (I bet you can guess I’m excited). He has a decent collection of cookware started, but I know he wants to expand. My first thought was of him when I saw these offers. has a bunch of neat offers going on right now; like the chance to save up to $30 on orders. offers a wide selection of nearly anything you could possibly imagine; from basic, little gimmicky items that make your life easier, to top of the line professional equipment. I honestly don’t think I need an ice cream maker, but I’m tempted to buy one.

They also have a selection for great Father’s day gift ideas if you are still stuck and don’t know what to buy.
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