CookieDiet Discount Code – Expired!

CookieDietI was a little skeptical about the Cookie Diet (but less so after I did my research, which you can read at the end), but I know people who aren’t. It sounds like a lovely idea to eat cookies to loose weight, almost too good to be true (thus why I have not given it a go yet). But who am I to say anything without even trying it. They have tons of testimonials on their site and we even have a free coupon code for customers to get money off so customers can try the Cookie Diet at a reduced rate, thanks to our great promo code find.

The latest code we have is for $40 off a 4 weeks supply, and a free shipping offer code, hurry.

Promotion Expired! is the official website of Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet from his Miami bakery in the U.S he has loads of celeb endorsements and has been seen on Access Hollywood, The View, Today Show, and People.

After doing some reading on the subject the cookies don’t seem to be regular fatty cookies (i.e. maybe not as tasty). They are more like diet cookies, with wholesome ingredients that are healthy for you. It’s the name that confuses everything. It would be great to find out if anyone out there has gone for the offer and what they think of it? (please make a comment below and join the discussion)