Shop For Anything You Want with a Free U.S. Shipping Address

Free U.S. Shipping Address

Have you ever eagerly picked the items you wanted from a store’s online website, only to be denied at checkout because they only ship to the United States? It’s definitely not a great feeling, especially in cases where you find something truly exciting or perhaps even the perfect gift for a loved one. Turns out that a solution is indeed available to Canadians looking to buy from the United States and it’s in the form of a free U.S. shipping address.

Online ShoppigThe way it works is that items are shipped to your free shipping address and then companies such as comGateway and then ship it to your Canadian address. Certain websites even offer to buy the products for you in cases where only American payment methods are accepted — though of course, you still have to pay that company, but at least you get to have your desired item!

Canadian PackageAnother major advantage that springs to mind with regards to such websites is that oftentimes, certain stores have outrageous shipping and handling fees for Canadians, not to mention incredible border fees to pay once the package arrives, which is why shipping to a U.S. address may turn out to be cheaper in most cases, although we do suggest you compare prices first!

On top of the two aforementioned websites, the following ones also offer similar services:

Do you have a U.S. shipping address? Share with us your favorite website and your thoughts on their services!