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Enjoy a Love It Size at 50% Off Cold Stone Creamery with this Printable

We’ve all been there; that longing sensation when we peek over at the Cold Stone Creamery counter in our local Tim Hortons and desire something delectable and sweet. Wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth and print out this tasty printable coupon instead! For a limited time, pick up a Love it size–which is a medium– and save 50% off your signature creation.

There’s a limit of one coupon per client per visit, but there’s nothing stopping you from leaving and coming right back for more delicious treats!

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Love the Cold Stone Blast for only $2 at Cold Stone Creamery

Have you been craving something a bit colder, something with more of a punch than the usual? If you haven’t seen or the heard the adverts for the Cold Stone Blast from Cold Stone Creamery, then you’ve been missing out! For a limited time, you can try one of these nifty conceptions in a ‘Love it’ size, which is a bit smaller than the small size, for only $2.00.

You can try one of these select flavors:

  • Cookie Dough: French Vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough pieces and fudge sauce.
  • OREO Indulgence: Sweet Cream ice cream blended with OREO cookies and fudge sauce.
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate: Chocolate ice cream blended with peanut butter cup pieces and fudge sauce.

I stopped by the other day to pick one of these cool treats up and I got my hands on the peanut butter one. It was an interesting experience; maybe it was just the location I was at, but it came out more liquid and well-blended than I would like. Nonetheless, it was still tasty and super rich; the small size is just perfect for this creation.

This offer is going on until August 6th, so there’s more than enough time to try and three flavors.