Celebrate National Coffee Day With 20% Off All Orders At Coffees of Hawaii

Coffees of Hawaii 20% Off

Fall is now officially upon us and as the leaves begin to turn in color and slowly fall to the ground, a nice cup of coffee is in order to warm up with. In celebration of National Coffee Day, which is observed yearly on September 29th, Coffees of Hawaii is offering 20% off all orders along with shipping for a flat rate of just $4.50!

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Details: Save 20% off all orders and enjoy shipping for just $4.50
Expires: 30th September, 2013
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Espresso MugMacadamia Nut CoffeeWhen you go to Subway, do you order those white chocolate and macadamia cookies? Now take a moment to imagine sipping on a macadamia nut coffee — taste the deliciousness for yourself by trying out a whole bag of it. Better yet, pour this delectable coffee into the espresso mug on the right to keep your liquid energy hotter that much longer as its made of ceramic.

Koa Measuring SpoonAll avid coffee lovers (and really who isn’t a coffee lover nowadays?) should definitely consider accessorizing in the right way with the Koa measuring spoon made from Koa wood, which ancient Hawaiians used in the construction of canoes. Likewise, if you really want to wow your guests next time they come over, then the cappuccino white chocolate covered beans are sure to make many gaze up in satisfaction.

What is your favorite kind of coffee?

Exquisite & Quality Coffee For Less: 10% Off All Coffees of Hawaii Orders with VC Exclusive

Coffees of Hawaii Exclusive

From lowering the risk of a number of cancers to improving vascular health, daily cups of coffee have shown to provide a staggering list of benefits. Perhaps this alone should be a motivating enough reason to invest in better quality coffee but just in case, we have also secured for you a Exclusive for Coffees of Hawaii! Save 10% off all orders and get shipping for just $4.50 with the code below:

Exclusive Coffees of Hawaii CouponDetails: 10% off all orders + shipping for just $4.50
Expires: 30th September, 2013
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3 Island Gift TinAlthough they have a variety of coffees to choose from, the Limited Edition ones are surely worth a taste. Just take for instance the 100% Oahu Peaberry which encapsulates a full bodied taste with a hint of semi-sweet chocolate — doesn’t it sound absolutely delectable? A coffee like that won’t even need any milk or artificial flavoring!

Considering the vastness of weddings being held in summer, come prepared with a wonderful Three Island Gift Tin, which includes three different coffees to sample from: the Hawaiian Espresso, the 100% Nightingale and the 100% Pōhaku O Kā’anapali.

Pohaku Wedding FavorSpeaking of the last one, the Pōhaku O Kā’anapali is also available as a wedding favor for couples looking to provide their guests with an unforgettable souvenir. As the honeymoon is being enjoyed, you will also be able to think of the way in which guests are continuing to think of the wedding by drinking a hearty cup of coffee the morning after the wedding.

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Are you a coffee lover? Let us know your favorite kind below.

Get Your Fix with 20% Off Limited Edition Coffees at Coffees of Hawaii

Coffees of Hawaii Limited Edition

A cup of joe, brain juice, liquid energy, mojo, the fix…however you want to refer to it as, coffee not only comes in various names, but also in different types, and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, the time has come to start thinking about unique gift ideas. For a limited time, save 20% on 3 Limited Edition coffees at Coffees of Hawaii.

Details: Enjoy 20% off on 3 Limited Edition coffees
Expires: 30th April 2013
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Limited Edition Year of the SnakeIn celebration of 2013, the year of the snake, Coffees of Hawaii has released a limited edition coffee called the Naheka roast; also featured above. According to their description of this intriguing coffee: it is said that a Naheka in the house is a good omen, simply meaning “you will not starve”. Considering that the code above can used to save 20%, you better stock up to avoid bad omens!

Mother's Day RoastJust in time for Mother’s Day, they have also released the limited edition Mother’s Day Roast, made from sweet “typica” beans from the Big Island of Hawaii. Though typica beans typically range slightly higher in price than other varieties, they result in an excellent tasting cup of coffee because these beans only grow at higher altitudes. Since your mother only deserves the best, why not give her a truly unique gift with this limited edition coffee?

Pick 3 among the following Limited Edition coffees to be eligible for the discount above:

In case other coffee types peak your interest, be sure to save 10% on orders of $40 or more with our Exclusive code.

Which limited edition coffee will you be trying?

Say Aloha for Less — Save 10% Off Your Order at Coffees of Hawaii with This VC Exclusive

10% Off Exclusive at Coffees of Hawaii

Take an island vacation each time you take a sip of coffee and picture yourself on a beach with the ocean rolling in the background. The selection of roasts and blends from Coffees of Hawaii is enough for you to want to dance the night away, but your mug is about to taste even sweeter with our Exclusive. On your next order, save 10% off purchases plus get free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

You don’t need to spend $40 to receive the 10% off discount, but shipping comes out to a flat fee of $4.50.

Exclusive Coffees of Hawaii CouponDetails: 10% off your order plus free shipping when you spend $40 or more
Expires: 30th June, 2013
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They have a line of loose leaf tisane tea available that is just as fabulous as their coffee. The Hibiscus Raspberry caught my eye and the ingredients made me desire it even more. With both staring flavors and coffee cherry to give it a caffeinated kick, imagine sipping that on a cool, spring afternoon?

Another must-have flavor would have to be the Papaya Leaf Vanilla tisane that is as light and tasteful as the name suggests. Also with a hint of coffee cherry to give it a kick, this tea will surely transport you to a far off destination.

Have you had any of the teas or coffees from this brand? Let us know in the comments below!

Save 20% Off at Coffees of Hawaii and Warm Your Way To A Loved One’s Heart

20% off at Coffees of Hawaii

What better way to celebrate the season of love than with decadent and delicious chocolate? Spoil your loved one with something a little different this year: chocolate covered coffee beans. If you’re a coffee lover, you will simply drool over these babies. Pick up a selection of Valentine’s inspired ideas for 20% off and even get free shipping.

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Details: 20% off select products
Expires: 14th February, 2013
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Coffee of Hawaii ItemThere’s a few items that you can get with this special. Each of them is 20% off and each comes with free shipping:

  • Valentine’s Custom Roast
  • Cappuccino White Chocolate Covered Beans
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Beans
  • Milk Chocolate Covered Beans
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Tin

The cappuccino white chocolate beans have me craving them right now! A 6oz bag is normally $6.25 but can be yours for $5. I’ll gladly take two at that price!

I haven’t tried the Valentine’s roast but if it’s anything like their Moloka’i blend, you’ll be in for a joyous morning! It is smooth, flavorful and good to the last drop.

How are you going to celebrate 2013?

Enjoy Something Caffeinated from Coffees of Hawaii and Save 30% Off

Save 30%

Coffee has a tendency to somehow taste better when it’s either free or it costs less. How can you say no to saving money on the beverage that 65% of Canadians drank in 2010? Shop in advance for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and save 30% off site-wide, plus free shipping with orders over $85.

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Details: Save 30% off site-wide plus free shipping with orders over $85
Expires: 27th November, 2012
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Nothing beats a fresh pot of heavenly roasted coffee. In fact, gift sets are a great way to try something out for less. Just look at this Three Island gift tin. It features three very different types of coffee with a variety of roasts. From an espresso to the delicious Kona coffee, this tin can be yours for $32.75 after the discount. I’m getting thirsty just looking at it!

Enjoy Excellent Coffee from Hawaii at 20% Off

Coffees of Hawaii Promotion

There is a great Labor Day promotion at Coffees of Hawaii right now where customers can save 20% on all purchases and enjoy free shipping too. To redeem this offer, grab the code below and enter it at checkout.

This could be the perfect opportunity to stock up on coffees from Hawaii–that are meant to be of excellent quality. Remember that we also have a Coffees of Hawaii promotions page where we always feature the latest codes and deals to make sure you get the best price all year around.

Details: 20% off + free shipping
Expires: 5th September, 2012
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Stephen brought back some coffee from Hawaii when he went and it was really good. Did you know that from 1850Coffees of Hawaii History to 1900 coffee was the biggest agricultural crop in Hawaii? Coffee and pineapple were introduced in Hawaii in 1813 by a Spanish adviser.

You can find more about coffee and the importance it had and still has today on the Hawaii agricultural industry at