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Get ready, set….and shop! That special time of year for all of the Boxing Day sales are finally upon us and we are coming at you hard and fast with a exclusive that will make you wake up up and make you all jittery. Grind up some of the savings on our Coffee of Hawaii page and pick up 15% off your order plus free shipping.

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Coffee of Hawaii A little while back, I tried the Moloka’i Style Hawaiian Espresso after months of longingly staring at it. My taste buds have always had a soft spot for Hawaiian coffee and I eyed my coffee maker impatiently as it brewed my cup of awesomeness.

Though the suggested way of drinking it by pouring it as an espresso shot, I was daring and drank it like a regular cup of coffee. It’s an understatement to say that I was impressed; its smooth flavor is everything you wish for in the ideal cup of coffee. In fact, it has now become a standard staple of my household and should become one of yours as well.

Go the extra mile by signing for a recurring delivery of this decadent blend. What are you waiting for?

Get Caffeinated; Enjoy 15% Off and Free Shipping at Coffee of Hawaii with this VC Exclusive

15% off and free shipping with this exclusive

While I don’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur, I still can’t go without a good cup of java every morning. Our friends over at Coffee of Hawaii are in the same boat and have generously offered to help you obtain some of the best tasting coffee around with our delicious exclusive code. For a limited time, you can fulfill all of your caffeine needs and save 15% off your entire order (plus get free shipping) in the process.

Exclusive Coffee of Hawaii CouponDetails: 15% off and free shipping with this exclusive code
Expires: 31st December, 2012
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If you’re interested in finding out more, don’t forget our Coffee of Hawaii page for some more sweet savings.Kona Coffee

I’ve tried the Kona blend on several occasions in the past and each time felt like a treat within our household. It’s a smoother blend that while being soft, is still bold enough for the richness to shine through. If you’re interested in trying something new, pick up some Kona Nightingale and discover why this is a must-have brand. A 2 ounce bag with the exclusive code ends up costing $4.16.

Did you know that they also give back 1% of their revenue to the local farms that produce the coffee beans? Be sure to let us know if you buy coffee with Coffee of Hawaii!