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25% off Coupon for Coach Canada

Now, frugal-gals and frugal-guys, before you go skipping this post completely because you’re aware that Coach products are ridiculously expensive (my jaw dropped when I saw a leather collar for dogs for $78.00), hear me out. I was the same as you; I was avoiding this site like the plague because my wallet would scream in despair when it saw adorable clutches and purses for extravagant prices (and not extravagant in a good way). Not even a 25% off coupon would sway me into buying such stylish accessories.

Anne made a very valid and good-point, and, when evaluated over the long-run, could be considered quite frugal. Instead of spending money to buy 5 new purses over the span of 4 years, why not spend a huge amount for a super duper quality purse that will last you 4 years, if not more? Let’s throw some math out there: Let’s say that I spend $50 each time I buy a new purse and I bought 5 new purses over 4 years. That’s $250 that I could have spent on something else. So let’s say I buy one purse from Coach for $200 and it lasts 4 years; I just saved myself $50 easily that could easily be saved or used to treat myself with. This doesn’t take into account fashion changes, so my advice would be to get something timeless and classy. And if you like brand names, I would also see what discounts on handbags and accessories there are on our Luisaviaroma page.

Until June 17th, ‘Like’ their Facebook page to register yourself for the 25% off coupon. It’s valid online and in-stores, but is not accepted in their ‘factory stores’. If you have some wiggle room in your budget, I recommend checking this one out.


Coach Canada $6 fares

Coach Canada are giving travelers based in Canada a special treat for Thanksgiving, you can get travel from Toronto to Montreal, Montreal to Toronto, Scarborough or Whitby for only $6 on October 9th courtesy of Coach Canada.

The one day fares are amazing at $6, but they return to regular price after that ($60) but if you do a bit of digging at different times you can get an early bus on the following Monday still for $6 and there are loads of buses for $6 on the Sunday,

Have a great Thanksgiving.